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Get Rid of Herpes - Best Cure for Herpes Revealed by Former Herpes Sufferer


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Get Rid Of Herpes is an insightful book and a lifestyle makeover guide for the people who have been exposed to or know someone who has suffered from the Herpes virus. The Herpes virus is of two kinds, one is HSV-1 and the other is HSV-2. The latter kind is termed as genital Herpes and the former is known as oral Herpes.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and spreads outside of a monogamous relationship. The stigmatizing situation is one of the most highly sexually transmitted viruses in the USA. Almost 30 percent of Americans have been exposed to one of the two kinds of Herpes virus. Since the symptoms may not show or the person carrying the virus may not expose the signs, most of the people who even have the disease are not aware of contracting or having it. That is why it is very difficult to control the onslaught of such an STD.

Get Rid of Herpes Review

Very small percentage of the sufferers suffer from oral or type 1 Herpes. Most of the cases being reported in the USA are of HSV-2 virus or genital Herpes which is both painful emotionally and physically. Get Rid Of Herpes is written by author Sarah Wilcox, a former Herpes sufferer who contracted the disease from her unfaithful ex partner. Needless to say of her embarrassment, the pain started to develop once an outbreak of genital Herpes came about. Outbreak is the term used for the symptoms exposed. The symptoms for Herpes include red patchy skin, itchy boils all over the face and body, especially around the genital areas. Women are thrice more likely to contract the virus and show more signs as compared to men.

About Get Rid of Herpes
Get Rid Of Herpes talks of the author’s own personal conflicts with the virus, how she spent 2 entire years taking 200mg of antiviral medication to combat the outbreaks only to have them reappear shortly afterward. Sarah Wilcox spent a great deal of time combining local health practices and alternative medical methods to cure or prevent further outbreaks and achieved in compiling her findings into one great guide book. The book is meant for anyone who has contracted Herpes and can benefit from the advice, tips and daily guidelines to live a better, normal life without feeling self pity or stigmatized for being a Herpes sufferer.

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