Get Rid of Herpes Review - Natural Herpes Treatment in a New Guide


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Get Rid of Herpes” explains that herpes virus comes in two types: Herpes Type 1 orHSV-1, and Herpes Type 2 or HSV-2. HSV-1 causes herpes sores in and around the lip, while HSV-2 causes sores around the genital area and other parts of the body. The book presents the symptom logy for both types of common herpes viruses.

The goal of this book is quite challenging. Her aims are:
- Enable a person to be rid of Herpes for good in 30 to 60 Days
- Eliminate his or her fear of further Herpes outbreaks
- Instill confidence that he really can stop a Herpes outbreak using a simple therapy used for decades
- Explain the science behind this simple therapy
- Provide lasting relief to thousands of Herpes sufferers

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The book presents the different ways of getting rid of herpes naturally. It also clearly explains the root causes, signs and symptoms of this viral disease. As an example of her recommendations, the book reveals the right foods, rich in lysine that can effectively suppress the herpes virus such as:

- vegetables
- legumes
- turkey
- chicken and fish

Herpes virus’s sufferers are also encouraged to consume arginine-rich foods including:

- nuts
- seeds
- chocolates
- almonds

“Get Rid of Herpes” points out that proper food selection will diminish the occurrence of herpes blisters naturally.

With practical advice in the book, it has gained worldwide praise from many customers. The book is written in a clear and understandable manner. Its alternative medicine tips to get rid of herpes are easy to follow, so users don’t need to comprehend and execute complicated procedures. Also, users claim that the homemade remedies presented in the book do not have side effects as compared to the antiviral drugs prescribed by doctors. Accordingly, the overall package is appealing, especially to those who find themselves at an impasse using conventional medical treatments.

With the ever-increasing number of users that have succeeded in eradicating herpes virus using Wilcox’s treatment system, it is understandably expected to become more popular among herpes sufferers.

Get rid of Herpes is a program written by a former Herpes patient that contains remedies and natural things to get rid of Herpes.

Click here to download Get Rid of Herpes Ebook