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Wales, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Many iPhone users are ecstatic with their devices once they are brand new and free from scratches and cracks. But what happens if one is suffering the inconvenience of having a broken or non-functional iPhone? The solution lies with iPhoneFixed. The professional team at iPhoneFixed is dedicated to fix all iPhone problems in a matter of hours at max. With expertise and experience to bring the best service and professionalism to every iPhone model, users from the 3G version all the way to the latest iPhone 5 can avail the repair services offered by iPhoneFixed.

The most common problem that iPhone owners have with respect to their iPhones is the broken, impacted or cracked screen. For this, iPhoneFixed offers a wide variety of iPhone screen repair solutions. The latest techniques are used to repair the screen of the iPhones in no time. All replacements used for screen repair are guaranteed to be original Apple parts within the best degree of quality for display. Apart from these techniques, the professional team ensures that the screen’s response to touch and other essential electronic conductivity within the iPhone’s hardware are rectified to first grade.

iPhone owners may experience internal damage of components of their iPhone, whether due to water damage, submersion, battery leakage or any other problem. These internal problems can be quickly and effectively solved at iPhoneFixed

It is frustrating and challenging to find best quality replacement parts that work well and are suitable for Apple original replacement parts. iPhoneFixed specializes in high quality replacement parts that will solve any kind of problem there is with regards to malfunction or damage to iPhone parts. Customers are delighted to know that iPhoneFixed also offers these replacement parts for convenience and installation. Those customers who need help and assistance in installing these replacement parts can take the team’s assistance 24 hours via help line.

In case iPhone owners drop, knock or somehow unintentionally cause damage to their iPhones without even noticing, in such situations, iPhoneFixed offers a comprehensive diagnostic to check and verify any major problems that may have occurred to the iPhone itself, and then recommend the owner what steps must be taken in order to repair the iPhone.

iPhoneFixed differentiates itself with the ability to bring professional service at excellent competitive cost for customers within United Kingdom. The ample level of experience, excellence in services, customer reviews, feedback and friendly approach toward customers have earned the company and its team a great reputation in the virtual world as the best iPhone repair teams present nationwide.

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