Get Rid of the Vice of Smoking with Ecigs and Hookahs - 6 Flavored Hookah Pen

StarFire Cigs 6 flavored hookah pen provides the same effect as the traditional hookah sans the ill health effects of nicotine


Rosedale, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Why the hookah pen can be a better alternative. Smoking cigarettes and hookah pipes has been proven to be cancerous owing to the huge amounts of nicotine they consist of. For those who are addicted to these vices and are struggling to get rid of them, a better and more effective alternative to the usual chewing gums are eHookahs and eCigs. ECigs and hookahs, a company who is an affiliate of these products has launched a 6 flavored hookah pen which is a fuss free tool that lets one enjoy the feeling of having flavored hookah without the hazardous health repercussions.

The nicotine strength of these newly released eHookahs range from 0mg to 6mg only making them completely harmless to health. The 6 flavors in which they can be enjoyed in are Berry Blast, Melon Mist, Blueberry Mint, Juicy Peach, Red energy and Tropical Smoothie. These Hookah pens come with silver mouthpieces and each of them provides up to 1,200 puffs. The easily disposable pens come with classy signature diamond tips which turn blue when puffing the eHookah so that people around the user know that an electronic hookah is being taken and not a real one.

E Cigs and e hookahs provide an economical, environment friendly and satisfying alternative to traditional hookahs and cigarettes. The eHookah, besides having the healthy edge over traditional hookahs, also has other advantages such as:

- People save a lot of money which goes into buying coal and flavors on a regular basis with a traditional hookah
- There is no left over smell, smoke, coal ash mess or fear of oral cancer with eHookahs
- Unlike conventional hookahs, these can be taken literally any and everywhere be it restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc.

The 6 flavors are all naturally made in the USA with vegetable glycerin. All of the flavors are a delicious blend of different tastes, for example the Tropical Smoothie contains tropical notes mixed with sweet, mouthwatering flavors of pineapple, strawberry and mango.

About is an affiliate of The company aims to help people quit smoking with its wide range of eCigs and eHookahs. The hookah pen is the latest product that they created for the same.

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