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Guangdong Province, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Gone are those days in which people did get really lost and had to stop to ask people for directions. The advent of car DVR GPS and other such navigation systems has made it possible for them to just enter the street name on the navigation system and the system itself would guide them where they ought to go! In fact, this is one of the biggest miracle inventions related to the automobile industry in the past few years.

The car DVR GPS system is something that can really enhance the driving experience that you face. These GPS systems come with the latest maps that give appropriate directions. They come in a variety of different sizes as well. Most of them have touchscreen navigation, multi- language systems, world maps, built in memory cards, etc. They also support a whole range of formats, in case one wants to upload a map in it.

They come in different sizes, which is definitely good news, for it ensures that one can just get the screen in the size they want and the size that would suite the car. The lens is also capable of turning so that the driver can both, look at the screen directly and drive or the person in the passenger seat can help the driver with instructions. There are many other options as well- including silent recording, built in gravity sensor, even recording lock, external GPS logger, password protection, non- interference units, and built in memory which is expandable to 32 GB.

The navigation systems can certainly also be used for a whole range of vehicles, including cars or trucks. This is a really good option for people who are not very good at directions. It would also help a driver who is good at directions for it is capable of calculating the shortest route to get to places or even predict traffic. This would really make the driving experience better and a great deal less tiresome.

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