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One E-cig brings Safe Electronic Cigarettes to Los Angeles


Glendale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- A new, safe and a convenient way to smoke is here. is the perfect place on the net to buy this very unique disposable electronic cigarette that has an XL cartomizer and lasts a long time.

Steve, who is also a singer by profession and goes by the stage name of Stone Stedman is an extraordinary singer songwriter. Steve is not naturally inclined to wearing a “Micky-Dee” hat so he is self employed and has a passion to work on new and exciting things. After years of searching Steve was able to find this amazing new product (the disposable electronic cigarette).

“ONE” ecig promotes the disposable electronic cigarette which is a convenient alternative to tobacco smoking and a great relief for those who get affected by second hand smoke despite the fact that they do not smoke. This product took about a year and a half to fully develop and test. It is CONVENIENCE driven (no chargers to keep track of, no clumsy fancy boxes). Now, one gets to smoke anywhere and anytime without feeling awkward when smoking in public or waiting for a battery to recharge. The smoke generated from the electronic cigarette is a water vapor so you can smoke in restaurants, bars, in the office, in the elevator, virtually anywhere.

“ONE” disposable ecig is available on their website ( at an affordable price. Not only is it affordable but is very cost effective.

Things people have said about “ONE” ecig “I was worried that my smoking could cause harm to my unborn child and then I discovered “ONE” E-cig and I managed to quit smoking”, says Rebecca. “This electronic cigarette is a safe and convenient option for those who wish to cut back on smoking regular tobacco but still want to experience the pleasure of smoking”, says Stewart.

The company ONEecig is so confident in their product, they offer free shipping and an unconditional money back guarantee. This disposable ecig produces the highest smoke volume of any e-cig on the market today and has an XL cartomizer which lasts a long time and is equivalent to approximately 20 to 30 cigarettes but is void of all the carcinogens and hazardous chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.

“Over 100,000 customers have been satisfied and aided by using our product and we believe that our disposable electronic cigarette offers the safest and best alternative available today".