Get the Money out of Politics to Bring Back Fairness

Political money is trashing the American Dream


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- It used to be one person one vote. Now it is billions of dollars and buy the election. We have to change that. In his new book OCCUPY WE THE PEOPLE DECISION TIME FOR AMERICA, noted author and economist, Victor Weintraub, examines this situation. After the Citizens United Supreme Court decision the problem has worsened. Now at an extreme, money is unlimited and unregulated. Not only are corporations and other groups able to spend immense sums but it is also common for the givers to be unidentified. Dark money from whoever.

In chapter 13 of OCCUPY WE THE PEOPLE, Victor Weintraub concludes that to get the money out of politics it will require a constitutional amendment. He gives the numbers and the facts. Weintraub suggests wording that will prohibit corporations and groups from political contributions. He would limit the size of contributions and not allow lobbying. He further suggests a fair elections format for funding of political campaigns.

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