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Get the Most out of Minecraft Through Minecraft Add Ons


PANAMA, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Millions of Minecraft players around the world are hooked to surviving, building and exploring the adventures of the never-ending 3D Minecraft world made out of building blocks. Players spend hours upon hours trying to gather resources, maintaining their health and hunger and most importantly using their imagination to build constructions out of the textured cubes obtained from elements present within the game itself. Even though the game has a lot to offer with its seemingly endless potential for exploration and creativity, Minecraft Add ons can further enhance the Minecraft world for the players who seek more from the game. Through add ons players have the ability to give more depth to the game, enthusiastic Minecrafters are always in search of new game mods which will give them the change to add or modify textures, terrain, etc.

The MCPatcher HD mod is a program for players who are incurring problems with the texture packs and other mods they have previously added to the game. The MCPatcher HD will help players fix the textures, connected textures that are not appearing as they should be; the MCPatcher HD will also contain features such as better glass, custom color mods, extended animation, mipmapping and font support, better skies with the ability to add personalized textures to night and day time skies and much more. MCPatcher HD will help ensure that the mood of the game is not ruined due to faulty mods which do not appear. ModLoader is a mod manager and installer which will make the players life much easier, even though the Modloader has no real direct implications on the game, its main function is to correctly load and run the mods because some mods specifically require Modloader for proper installation. Versions of Modloader vary according to the version of Minecraft is being used for; players should ensure that the Modloader version matches their version of Minecraft for the Modloader and corresponding mods to function properly.

Players who wish for a more smother running and optimized Minecraft experience can use the Optifine HD program to make their game use lesser resources enabling a much smoother game playing experience, being compatible with many other add ons the Optifine HD mod is great for Minecraft which has multiple other mods added to it such as for textures and more. By removing some of the game elements this mod reduces the lagging issue some players face during game play, the mod lets the player enjoy more power in selecting various settings which have a direct effect on the performance of the game. Players can also use Minecraft Maps to take their Minecraft playing skills up a notch allowing players to explore newer more exciting places and obstacles to overcome.

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