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This online source carries detailed information and characteristics of advanced Easy & Cool travel and beer mugs.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- In today’s market, different types of mugs are available for distinct uses. Choosing the best beer or travel mugs from among thousands of brands for meeting the desired purpose is not an easy task. The online source provides details and information of a wide range of travel and beer mugs offered to users by the brand Easy & Cool.

The aim of Cool beer mugs is to enhance the experience of tasting each drop of beer. This brand has developed mugs in a refined form in order to maintain the quality of beer. Cool beer mugs are vacuumed and pressurized for the purpose of keeping the level of oxygen on the surface. These types of mugs bear a unique anti-leak device which preserves the liquid for a long time. Those who are interested in collecting more information about Cool beer mugs can go through the website Easy & Cool.

The website says, “We encourage you to use Easy and Cool Advanced Generation Mugs in your everyday activities, you will be obtaining an outstanding product that gives you comfort and flexibility, loaded with great safety features.”

Cool beer mugs are designed in such a way that it eliminates the chances of children consuming unsuitable drinks accidentally. Every model of mug from Easy & Cool can be placed in almost all cup holders in boats, furniture, cars and others.

The unique mechanism used in the manufacture of Cool beer mugs guarantees to maintain purity and other aspects of this beverage. These models are said to preserve the chillness of beer even up to 15 hours. Buyers can also keep their coffee, tea or any other hot beverage inside this mug for about seven hours without any trouble.

The outside of Cool beer mug is free from moisture, and therefore the product will not wet furniture or the user’s hands. Apart from all these advantages, easy-to-use Cool beer mugs from Easy & Cool help to save money as they are reusable. A number of other characteristics support this unique model of beer mug from Easy & cool.

Readers can visit Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other social media pages of Easy & Cool to gain an insight into the quality of this product. To get more information about Cool beer mugs, visit

About Easy & Cool
Easy & Cool is a popular brand offering highly advanced, new-generation travel mugs. The official website of this brand provides detailed information on the features and advantages of new models of travel and beer mugs.

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