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Ruislip, Middlesex -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Now get the unsurpassed Cyber Security with Unique Data protection software available at This company has developed some of the highly sought after data security solutions that are capable enough to face any unnoticed security threat.

As per the company, when working in a share based environment, data protection becomes a critical concern and so just to answer this, they have launched some reliable data security software packages. These security software packages allow users to safely lock their computer with a combination, only known to them; therefore, providing full assurance that every personal detail and data are completely safe and secure from prying eyes.

Anenigma offers a variety of data security packages that will keep personal data personal. In fact, they offer 3 versions of the Desktop Safe and Anenigma for cloud hosting, allowing users to secure personal data while ensuring Protection and Privacy.

While elaborating it further, a spokesperson stated, “What makes The Desktop Safe unique is the combination of a time-lock and a colour coded combination file-access panel making it secure from outsiders or hackers trying to crack or infiltrate. Private files are fully portable so you can protect your files on flash drives, CDs, notebooks and hard-drives but you can only access the files with the right colour code and The Desktop Safe application running.”

About Anenigma
Anenigma has identified a requirement for privacy in a world where everything is driven by passwords, specifically the need for a non-password enabled file-security storage system for the home PC. At Anenigma, they have used the skills of software and design professionals to develop, upgrade and support a range of products, all of which use the colour combination system with a time limited lockdown mechanism. Failure while selecting the correct colour combination within a time parameter keeps the Desktop Safe in lockdown mode.

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