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Los Gatos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Clear, spotless skin is a great confidence booster and to achieve clear skin people with skin problems such as acne spend a lot of time money and efforts each year on various products and treatments that will help them keep their skin problem free. Statistics show that people in US spend more than $100 million a year on over the counter acne treatments and products, this is proof of how badly people are earning for clear skin. An occasional pimple is also a cause of worry for most people even though factors like stress and bad diet may have caused it in the first place but that does not stop them from going into distress mode, fortunately there are natural DIY treatments that can help heal a pimple overnight.

The fastest yet a risky way of getting rid of a pimple quickly is to pay a dermatologist a visit to inject the pimple with cortisone, this method helps the inflammation to subside but this seemingly simple and fast method has its drawbacks. There is a chance that after the inflammation has gone down the spot can cave in making the spot look like a reverse pimple. There are some safer and natural ways of treating a pimple quickly. Many skincare experts suggest that regularly changing pillow slips is a way of preventing acne cause by germ and oil buildup on pillow cases which people usually rest their face against during sleep, therefore the first thing to do when a pimple appears is to change the pillow slips. Next all skin treatments should begin after washing hands and washing the face with a gentle cleanser, this step removes oil, dirt and dead skin cells away. To increase blood flow to the area and shrink the pimple skincare experts suggest warming up the area by placing a warm washcloth on the spot and alternative with an ice cube for a couple of minutes each. Finally as a topical treatment Aloe Vera gel, this is an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory. In the morning gently wash the skin again, this natural treatment may have caused the pimple to subside or come to a large whitehead. Dermatologists devise against popping a whitehead because that may lead to scarring.

Aloe Vera gel is not the only natural remedy to treat a pimple; tea tree oil is also an effective remedy.

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