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GetRidofVaginalOdor.com Releases Tip Sheets on How to Eliminate This Common Yet Embarrassing Problem


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- GetRidofVaginalOdor.com, a website that is devoted to helping women learn about and treat some very common issues, has just released new tip sheets that address how to get rid of vaginal odor.

According to statistics, most women at one point or another will have to contend with a feminine odor, which is often described as a fishy vaginal smell. As the founders of the website understand, although vaginal odor is very common, it can also be extremely embarrassing to talk about, even with a physician.

In an effort to provide women with helpful information that they can read from the privacy of their own homes, the website features in-depth and educational articles that cover everything from the cure for vaginal odor to what can cause it in the first place. The site also addresses the question that many have but are unsure how to ask: why do vagina smell?

According to the newly released tip sheets, vaginal odor can be caused by both medical and non-medical reasons. While some can be cured right at home, others might require a doctor’s care.

For example, one of the non-medical causes of a fishy odor is the relatively common yeast infection.

“The vagina normally contains a healthy amount of microorganisms and fungal, including Candida, a form of bacteria whose overgrowth can lead to a vaginal yeast infection,” the tip sheet noted, adding that when certain types of antibiotics are taken, this kills off the “good” bacteria that help keep Candida in check thereby causing itching around the vulva, clitoris and labia regions as well as a thick, smelly vaginal discharge.

Douching and perfumes can also be problematic, as can poor hygiene.

“Keeping the vaginal clean is as simple as washing with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to use soaps that are free of scents, colors, dyes and other abrasive ingredients that could harm the delicate vaginal area.”

Women are welcome to visit the GetRidofVaginalOdor website at anytime to browse through both the new tip sheets as well as the other educational articles that are featured. Category tabs at the top of the home page will help women of all ages find information on topics like causes and remedies for vaginal odor, as well as articles about a product called Femanol, which has been found to permanently eliminate the problem.

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