Joe Bragg Promises to Be the Best Free and Legal Alternative to LimeWire


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- The internet has made it easier to access music, movies, and games. Unfortunately, many of the free media sites on the internet are completely illegal. Over the past decade, more and more Americans have faced lawsuits due to downloading illegal files from the internet. In some cases, these lawsuits end up costing users millions of dollars in court.

These developments highlight the importance of finding a free and legal media site. claims to be that site. The website features a database of 20 million music videos that users can easily convert into songs. To enhance the value of even further, the website claims to be completely free and legal.

A spokesperson for explained how the service works:

“We access YouTube’s database of over 20 million songs and music videos. Whenever one of our users wants to find a song, they can easily scan the database for any artist, album, song, or genre they would like. Our service rips it directly to the iTunes folder on their computer, making it easy to transfer it to an iPod or iPhone.”

In other words, provides a database that consists mostly of music videos. When users want to download a song, they simply download the audio file from that music video. This is why is considered a free and legal alternative to other music downloading options. The software is also protected under a unique Creative Commons Attribution license.

Since most music videos contain an identical audio file to the real song, there is no audible difference between songs ripped from music videos and the original song file itself. promises to be more than just a YouTube to MP3 converter. It seeks to make the downloading process as easy as possible for computer users of all technical skill levels. The website claims the software can be setup in under one minute, and the simple interface can be used by anybody.

Users can even create custom ringtones from their favorite music videos. The software will automatically convert any audio file into iPhone (M4R) format, allowing users to instantly transfer songs to and from any mobile device. After downloading a song, users can even share it with their friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Ultimately, is a free and legal way to convert YouTube to MP3. Whether looking for an alternative to LimeWire or simply wanting to download the latest single for today’s hottest bands, seeks to provide a simplified music downloading solution.

About allows users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files with special software. The website is free and legal thanks to a special Creative Commons license. For more information, please visit: