Joe Bragg Explains Why Social Media Marketing Is a Must for Online Companies


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- In the early days of the Internet, companies just needed to launch a website and they’d be guaranteed instant worldwide exposure. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. There are at least 644 million active websites on the Internet and organizations need a lot more than a great looking site and excellent content if they want to achieve a high search engine ranking.

Search engines are continually evolving and they now use social media signals as a major factor when determining a website’s ranking. Companies that want to build up a web presence need to invest in social media marketing, this is why many webmasters are turning to

The site explains: “Companies and individuals that wish to survive on the World Wide Web will be forced to adapt to the new social media environment or they will forced out of the market altogether. The good news is: marketing in the new social media is often comparatively inexpensive and provides access to a vast global community.”

GetShared offer a range of services aimed at increasing brand awareness, search engine rankings and ultimately website traffic. GetShared offers social account management, guest blog posting, press release writing and syndication and online video creation services.

As a social media company they will create social media profiles on 100 major platforms for their customers and promote website content through daily tweets and Facebook updates. Furthermore, it will arrange sponsored tweets from industry-related Twitter users that mention or promote a company’s website.

A spokesperson for GetShared explained the important role of social media:

“Social media is undoubtedly here to stay and with the correct strategy businesses can tap into the massive traffic these platforms provide. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are growing at an incredible pace and they represent a huge branding and sales opportunity for businesses.”

GetShared also hosts editorial content on the latest online marketing trends including video marketing and the growing influence of Pinterest.

About GetShared
Launched in 2012, GetShared is a social media marketing company dedicated to helping online businesses increase their social network visibility. The company is owned by Event Net Media LLC, an Internet marketing firm that has helped hundreds of clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, organically compete on the World Wide Web.

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