Get Solar Prices Takes on the Three Most Essential Considerations Before Buying a Solar Power System


Norwich, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- With the increasing demand for electricity due to homes being highly innovative and advanced, people are continuously searching for the best options to save money on their electricity bills. Although prices of fossil fuels have dropped lately, environmental concerns brought about by the global warming and climate changes have been the focus of many countries.

Environmentalists and the government have recommended the use of natural power sources like wind turbines, hydroelectric power and, of course, solar.They are the best sources of energy and come with fewer risks of destroying the environment. There is no question of whether solar power could supply every household because if every home all over the world invested in solar panels, there will be more than enough to supply the entire earth. After all, energy from the sun is free!

For people who are considering investing in solar panels for their homes, it is best to look into the different details like the available space, how much energy is needed, how many solar panels are required and much more. All of these issues can be resolved with the use of a solar panel calculator.

When thinking about installing a solar power system for a household, there are 3 main considerations to take into account:

1. How much energy is needed to power the entire home

The power consumption of different appliances is measured in kilowatts. Most appliances already have tags and stickers indicating the required number of watts to make them function. With the help of solar panel calculators, homeowners will already be able to calculate how much energy they have to produce using the solar panels.

2. How much electricity the solar panels can generate for household use

The capacity of different sizes of solar panel systems to generate electricity is also measured in kilowatts and can also be measured using a solar panel calculator. However, to get a better estimate of how much a system can generate, it is important to calculate the amount of energy that it can supply to the battery and multiply it with the length of time the solar panels are exposed to sunlight. The amount of electricity generated greatly depends on the number of hours the solar panels are exposed to the sun.

3. How much energy a battery can store and whether it will be able to supply enough electricity for the entire household

The power storage capacity of a battery is measured in AMP Hours (AH). It would be easier to estimate the amount of energy and how many hours the battery can store by converting AH into kilowatt Hours. The conversion is actually done by multiplying the AH with the voltage of the battery. The total will reveal how many kilowatts can be used in a span of 1 hour. The more energy that is required, the bigger the battery needs to be to sustain all the household needs.

Using a solar panel calculator will ensure that you can get the maximum amount out of your system, which means more money in your pocket from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). The Feed-in Tariff pays you for the electricity you generate and use as well as the energy you export back to the grid, and is tax-free. You could earn up to £5,300 over 20 years with solar panels.

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