Getting Pregnant at 40 - New Research Uncovered

Millions of women worldwide suffer from infertility issues. Lisa Olson is prepared to show them that getting pregnant at 40 is indeed possible – with the right approach.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Women are constantly being told that getting pregnant at 40 is either unwise, unlikely, or just plain impossible. Many women have been trying unsuccessfully for months or even years to get pregnant – some have even gone so far as to completely give up on their dreams of motherhood. With her brand new infertility sufferers blueprint to pregnancy success, health consultant, speaker, author and Certified Nutritional Specialist Lisa Olson is set to change the opinions of millions of women. With the important information on infertility that she has uncovered, she also hopes to help thousands of women worldwide who are over the age of 40 and struggling to conceive a child.

Along with verifiable facts and supporting data, Lisa is set to prove not only that getting pregnant at 40 is indeed possible, but also that having a healthy baby past 40 is extremely likely once a woman really starts to look into the root causes of their inability to conceive. The answer, says Lisa, lies in the natural balance of their internal ‘inner environment’ – a place that must first have the right conditions present in order to successfully conceive and bear a child.

“You must holistically eliminate the root cause issues (of your inability to get pregnant). You absolutely must restore ones natural internal balance and enhance your reproductive environment to facilitate a healthy pregnancy” says Lisa.

Lisa goes on to mention a few factors to pay attention to that could make getting pregnant at 40 extremely difficult unless they are corrected. Infertility issues are a strong indication the balance of their internal environment has been disrupted. Internal and external factors - physical and psychological factors as well contribute to fertility issues.

According to Lisa, infertility is not a localized problem with the reproductive system. It is a warning of an inner imbalance – an internal environment that is unsafe for a baby. She says this environment must be corrected before infertility can be reversed.

Research reveals that infertility is a complex condition triggered by multiple underlying factors. All of these factors must be dealt with holistically - the wrong diet is only one of the contributing factors. Lisa is adamant that there is no special diet that, by itself, will help women get pregnant. She says that changes in diet must accompany holistic modifications with the internal makeup of the body.

One of the most important things Lisa teaches is that by addressing the root cause of infertility, women can restore their natural inner balance instead of simply shutting off the alarm bells with toxic drugs or treatments. She states that in this way, women are making their inner environment more suitable for production of a healthy baby and avoiding all the potentially destructive side effects of drug therapy. Research has also proven that IVF can lead to dangerous multiple pregnancies and there is a significant increased risk of premature birth, mental retardation, baby brain damage, neurological disorders, and breathing problems. The risk of cerebral palsy and brain damage is increased 9-fold with IVF according to studies.

The key, says Lisa, to safe, healthy and effective pregnancies past 40 lies in holistically changing the internal environment of ones body to be able to accept a child. Lisa has helped thousands of women in 130 countries over the last 14 years get pregnant and now wants to help women on a wider scale through her new blueprint.

Lisa has documented all of her research and findings into a 5 step holistic plan for permanently reversing infertility and enabling women past 40 to get pregnant naturally in 4-6 weeks. She stresses the fact that with her unique and proven approach to reversing infertility issues women past 40 are very likely to have completely healthy babies as well.

People interested in more information on Lisa’s breakthrough Getting Pregnant at 40 complete guide can visit her website here.

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