Getting Started on Kickstarter - BogglesWorth and His Revolutionary Music


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Almost every day there is a new artist on the music scene, while most of them might be good, only a few of them are true virtuosos, who are devoted to their art. A true artist, BogglesWorth is an audacious and mysterious music producer emerging from Southern California. His music boasts electronic beats and analog/digital synths that you really feel down to your soul. One might say the music is the next big thing in electronic music. The strong yet profound beats make one revere over the simple marvel that is BogglesWorth’s music.

The latest EP album by the enigmatic music producer is entitled CREEPERZ and it is set be released early in 2015. One of the latest singles from the album is called Insomnia and it can be played for free on SoundCloud at And just like many other innovators have chose to, BogglesWorth is getting his new EP funded via a Kickstarter campaign. All the virtuosic music producer needs is people to back his project so that the album can be launched successfully in early 2015, bringing something new and refined to the music scene.

BogglesWorth’s music is very free flowing yet firmly packed and is definitely a pleasure for any listener. His Kickstarter page can be visited at

The Logo for BogglesWorth records features a phrase on it that says “Be Odd.” That is exactly the notion pursued by the creative producer in his music. Through the stimulating and electrifying beats, he wants people to embrace their individualities, to embrace the things that make them different from others. BogglesWorth himself is a man of cryptic and astound nature; he is truly devoted to his art and realizes the true significance of music as an art form.

BogglesWorth music can be portrayed as something truly and deeply eccentric, beguiling even. The music is filled with ecstatic beats that launch the listener of into another, perpetual and dynamic dimension. It is a truly enriching and invigorating experience. There are very strong and arousing bass drops in the songs and that just adds to the beauty of them. The latest track entitled Insomnia is a mix of futuristic beats, trance background transitions and an overall enigma. It sounds very free flowing yet maintains a very cultivated aura and a very refined aesthetic appeal to the sound.

Some of his most prominent and exhilarating tracks from the upcoming EP can be played on his official Soundcloud stream at Creeperz is a project that BogglesWorth is putting all of his esteem, confidence and talent in to. Only with the backing of the people can he change the music scene forever.

About BooglesWorth
A true artist, BogglesWorth is an audacious and mysterious music producer emerging from Southern California.