Getting the Best Best Credit Restoration Companies to Improve One's Credit Score

Lots of people have heavy debt burdens to carry. While getting into debt is fairly easy, getting back out can be a bit more difficult. Some folks check into credit restoration companies to help them repair their poor credit. The following will explore the usefulness and cost of these companies so consumers can understand exactly what they’re dealing with.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- To begin the discussion on the best credit restoration companies, one must understand that the very best of them is oneself. A person can repair and rebuild his own credit at little to no cost by taking some relatively simple steps. Fixing a poor credit score starts with paying off debt. Using free time on weekends to pick up a second job and then utilizing the income from it to get rid of some past-due bills is a great way to begin. Requesting a loan from family members or friends can help get rid of debt quickly, and the best part is that these people don’t usually charge interest for the use of the money. One should definitely get a copy of one’s credit report and go over it thoroughly, looking for inconsistencies or errors. If any are found, dispute them, in writing, and mail the letters to the reporting bureaus by registered or certified mail. After receiving the letters of dispute, the bureaus have 30 days to rule on them. Up to 20% of negative items can be removes from one’s credit report in this manner, immediately improving one’s credit standing.

As for other credit restoration companies, finding out which are reputable and most appropriate for one’s needs requires two things: a telephone and a computer with Internet access. Using either of these tools can help one determine which of these businesses are legitimate. Check for complaints against these companies by calling the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, or the state attorney general’s office. Don’t believe everything printed about a certain company. If it makes promises to remove all negative items from one’s credit report, it is not being truthful.

People who has bad credit can request credit repair companies online

Any legitimate negative items cannot simply be taken off a credit report. While browsing the Web, read as many former client testimonials as possible about several credit restoration companies and then decide which to believe. Realistically, no company is going to put a poor customer comment out where others can see it. Compare what each company researched charges for its service. These fees can go from $40 a month up to $1, 500 depending on what is entailed.

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