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Gettum Associates, Inc. Reveals New Benefits to Home Remodeling publishes new reasons for homeowners to choose remodeling over the purchase of a new home


Greenwood, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Homeowners have choices when they come to the realization that their current residence no longer meets their needs. Some opt to purchase a new home, while others consider remodeling the one they now have to meet their changing needs. MSN Money reports it is more cost effective to remodel a home than to buy a new one, even when the two are comparable in other respects.

"Consumers in need of Remodeling Services in Indianapolis frequently turn to Gettum Associates when they make the decision to remodel the home. The company has earned an excellent reputation for their Design/Build Services and Home Design in Indianapolis, IN and has been recognized by the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis numerous times for their work," Jason Gettum, company founder and spokesperson, declares.

Many look into addition remodeling in Indianapolis to increase the amount of living space in the home. Doing so offers numerous benefits, other than the cost effectiveness of this option. One decides what the room will be used for and designs it specifically for that purpose, one thing generally not possible when one buys a new home. Furthermore, the room addition increases the value of the home, and these are only two reasons why one may go this route.

As Gettum explains, homeowners find a room addition benefits them in a number of ways, but various other options may be of more benefit. One may come to the realization that a basement finishing project best meet their needs while another opts for a complete kitchen renovation. It's all a matter of what the client wants and needs when it comes to their home. Gettum Associates works with every client to find the ideal solution, one that easily fits into their budget.

Choosing a company specializing in both the build and design portions of the project offers many benefits also. Fewer problems arise during the process when only one company is used, and the costs are lower than when one must hire a separate architect and contractor. The project moves along smoothly, as various parties aren't trying to connect and coordinate their tasks, and the client better controls every aspect of the project, from the selection to design details.

"Turn to Gettum Associates for any home remodeling or renovation project. The design and build teams love what they do and work with clients to find the perfect solution for any problem the homeowner faces. One invests in a home as it is a place for friends and family to gather in comfortable surroundings. No homeowner should be forced to settle for anything less than the perfect house, and remodeling allows one to create their dream home, usually for less than what they would pay to have the dream home built," Gettum proclaims.

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Gettum Associates, Inc. helps families adapt an existing home to one that meets their current needs, which do tend to change over time. They've earned a reputation for helping families achieve this goal, and the team accomplishes this while keeping the budget and lifestyle of the family in mind. The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis recognizes the work of the company and has presented the firm with prestigious design and build awards. In fact, the company has received more remodeling excellence awards from the association than any other member, so consumers know they can count on the firm and the work they do.