Gettysocial Launches Innovative Total Social Media Marketing Package


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Nearly a billion people have accounts on Facebook. Today, Facebook is far more than just a tool used to connect with friends; it’s also a powerful marketing engine that businesses use to promote their products and services.

But without ‘fans’ and ‘likes’, marketing on Facebook can be difficult. Customers are hesitant to like a page if they only see a limited number of existing likes, and not having an active Facebook page can weaken a brand’s image. has been getting a lot of attention lately for its social media services and in particular its Facebook marketing expertise. The site operates what they call Total Social Media Marketing a spokesperson explained the concept:

“Our philosophy is not to dump Facebook Fans or Google +1’s to customers accounts in a haphazard manor, our thinking is more strategic for our customers. We look at a customer’s needs on an individual basis and work out a plan of action accordingly, we call this concept Total Social Media Marketing and it’s the antithesis of the hit and hope strategy of most of our competitors.”

One way helps businesses maximize their social media presence is by offering real Facebook fans. Facebook fan packages are available from all over the world, and pricing packages should appeal to a range of budget levels.

One way in which seeks to differentiate itself from the competition is through the sale of real Facebook fans. While alternate services might also give customers the ability to buy Facebook likes, most of these likes come from fake accounts. Facebook shuts down thousands of fake accounts every day, and these ‘fake likes’ could disappear overnight.

Purchasing real Facebook fans comes with a number of unique and powerful advantages. A spokesperson for explained why offering 100% real Facebook profiles was important:

“All of our Facebook packages feature real likes from real people throughout the world. This means that our clients achieve a more legitimate Facebook presence, and it also means they’re receiving potential customers who they can engage with. Since our Facebook likes are from real people, they can be converted just like any lead. Businesses who use our service win in a number of different ways, they increase brand awareness, kick start their social media prescience and have real customers to market to.”

In an effort to appeal to a wider geographic area, also offers specialized packages to the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada. So if customers want to buy UK Facebook likes specifically they can specify their requirements when ordering. When ordering these packages, businesses only receive likes from Facebook users of that country. For businesses that appeal to a more worldwide audience, also offers international fan packages.

A good online social media presence is about more than just Facebook. As a result, also offers Google +1 packages. Just like Facebook likes, Google +1 votes have two major benefits, both of which are explained by the company’s spokesperson:

“Having Google +1 votes enhances the image of a brand and also benefits the site’s search engine rankings. Research has shown that Google +1 votes play a key role in determining a website’s placement on search engine results page, and the more +1 votes a page receives, the higher it will rank.”

About offers real Facebook likes and Google +1 votes. The website has a number of different packages available to businesses from all over the world. For more information, please visit: