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Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur & Author Offers Crowdfunders Rights to 'Transformers Predators' Movie Script - Thirst for the Silver Screen? Act Now

Written by Edmund Sagoe, the ‘Transformers Predators’ novel is poised to thrill fans and literally see them scream upon its release this coming November. However, fans of alien invasions now have a unique opportunity to acquire rights to the book’s screenplay as well as a host of other compelling ‘perks’ through a unique Indiegogo campaign. With the project’s funding deadline looming, those looking to secure Hollywood’s next possible smash hit are urged to act fast.


Takoradi, Ghana -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- While he’s still young, Edmund Sagoe has seen an abundance of success that has directly impacted the lives of thousands. Passionate about creating socially-oriented solutions to Ghanaian society’s problems, Sagoe has gained notoriety for the invention of Octapoly Basic, an MDG board game and his amazon novels; ‘The Girl I Met Online’ and ‘Harry’s Wand: wizard of rings’. However, the upcoming release of the ‘Transformers Predators’ novel is set to become his most hard-hitting project to date, and those with a thirst for aliens or the silver screen now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure rights to the script.

It’s all a part of Sagoe’s latest Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. His $500,000 funding goal is bold, with perks allowing those who see the story’s potential to exclusively cash in on its success.

Synopsis/plot of ‘Transformers Predators’:

What if all the other alien invasions got it wrong? He is going to destroy humans by manipulating chlorophyll to create black blood cells.

According to him humans are capable of completely destroying each other, they just need a little push.

A galactic criminal of the highest aptitude never seen since the stars began has landed on earth.

The second Helenkine to come, who was the first and what did he give the stranger he met on earth?

Until we find that, Agent Quinton’s sacrifice of his job to pursue a level 5 classified case, Ruth McClurly’s defiance of her news paper to report the case and Raymond Vermin’s incarceration to asylum due to strange premonitions of the extra terrestrial would all be in vain. We’re all in danger.

“This novel is going to be HUGE, and I’m now offering movie producers and fans an opportunity to get their own piece of the action and profit before the book hits the world this coming December,” explains Sagoe. “Producers can literally buy the rights to turn the narrative into their perfect movie vision. It’s rare for an author to give production teams so much flexibility for such a low price.”

Continuing, “Those who would rather have a starring role can also purchase places to become a movie extra, or take home their own branded artifacts. This could become a very lucrative franchise for the right parties – and now is the time for them to grab hold of it.”

Sample list of ‘perks’ for those backing the campaign:
- Rights to Movie Production - $ 700,000
- Rights to Book Publishing - $ 300,000
- Rights to Branded Artifacts - $ 100,000
- Forms for Movie Extras- $ 5000 (Only 100 Available)
- Screen Credit Donors - $ 100

With the Indiegogo campaign ending on July 30th, interested backers must act right away. For more information, visit: http://www.bit.ly/transformerspredators.

For more information on Sagoe’s existing novels, see: http://amzn.to/1pgR1qy.

About Edmund Sagoe
Edmund Sagoe is a Social Entrepreneur and Educational Activist born to a Ghanaian father and a Liberian Mother on June 12,1989. He is passionate about national and international issues related to social work and community service . One of such issues is the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. To contribute to the UN MDG he created the first MDG Board game .The game help receivers become givers and increased widespread education about the UN MDGs.