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Ghassemkhani Law Extends Award-Winning DUI Attorney Services in Vista, San Diego

Ghassemkhani Law is an award-winning DUI attorney’s office, and it has extended its service areas to include new territories in Southern California, including Vista, San Diego.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and a DUI charge can have a massive impact on someone's life, giving them a permanent criminal record, a heavy fine and a ban. However, being accused of driving under the influence does not mean that individuals should be convicted, and Ghassemkhani Law specializes in fighting these kinds of cases on behalf of the accused. After winning awards for their services, they are slowly expanding the areas they work in, including their newest service area in Vista, San Diego.

The company has been incrementally increasing its service area as their staff has grown to support their rising popularity. Nevertheless, Mr. Ghassemkhani still personally represents almost all his clients in the court room, renowned for his aggressive strategies. His impressive record is available for anyone to view on his website, as are testimonials from former clients.

For people seeking a Vista DUI Lawyer, Mr. Ghassemkhani can ensure there is a temporary stay on the suspension of a driving license until the DUI hearing, and will offer a free initial consultation to anyone calling the office who has been given a DUI so he can analyze the particulars of their case.

A spokesperson for Ghassemkhani Law explained, "Vista is the latest of our San Diego territories to be served by Mr. Ghassemkhani, who feels that the entirety of Southern California should benefit from this legal experience. This expansion is just the latest in what we hope will be a continuing series, as our infrastructure grows and becomes more robust, enabling us to help more people than ever. Mr. Ghassemkhani fights furiously to defeat criminal cases and overturn convictions, and we look forward to helping people in Vista, San Diego to find the justice they seek."

About Ghassemkhani Law
The law offices of Mr. Ghassemkhani can advise individuals facing a DUI charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide legal representation for drunk driving offense anywhere in San Diego, CA, with Mr. Ghassemkhani going to trial in defense of every client. Mr. Ghassemkhani, DUI Lawyer, can be best described as a fighter.

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