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Ghetto Girls: The Beginning; Dramatic New Book by Nordia Spalding Depicts Tumultuous Lives of Three Ghetto Girls-Turned-Rich


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Life in the ghetto is often described as unpredictable at best, shaping unique characters with a bold outlook on life. In an enthralling and gripping new novel by Nordia Spalding (writing under the name of JaMocha), three former ghetto girls find wealth, status and dramatic trouble coping with the people and experiences their new lives afford.

‘Ghetto Girls: the Beginning’ depicts each girl’s story, along with the raw warts-and-all details that are leaving readers gripped to every page.


Regine is in love with an abusive and controlling drug dealer popularly known as D-man, and has no intentions of leaving him...until a new man enters her life. Which man and lifestyle will she choose

Toya is living life in the fast lane, making money the best way she knows. She has made up her mind never to go back to the poor life she experienced in childhood. Will and can she change when a handsome, wealthy client of hers by the name of Jazz Leone begins to fall for her and tries to show her that she is worth much more than she thinks?

Samantha is "happily" married to her husband Carlos until she meets a younger gentleman and gets involved in a tangled web of infidelity. Will her marriage survive this attack or will drama erupt?

As the author explains, her dramatic and erotic narrative wasn’t pulled out thin air.

“This story is important because as drastic and dramatic as the tales are, each of them happens every day in the real world. The characters were inspired by different stories and experiences of my own life, as well as those of my friends. This fact-based-fiction approach will allow many people to relate to the story directly,” says Spalding, a native of Jamaica.

Continuing, “People will be drawn to different characters because they can understand what the person is going through at a particular stage of the story, if not all of it. It is also a ‘nothing-held-back’ tale as these characters are really delved into in order for the reader to completely envision what is happening in their lives. I truly hope it can be used to even inspire strength in women.”

While the story boasts a fast-paced and highly-sexual adventure, Spalding believes it is applicable to a far-reaching audience.

“It’s a very bold story where nothing is left to the imagination. With plenty of sudden twists and turns, any fan of dramatic or erotic fiction will love it. Of course, it’s also going to stir memories in those who have mirrored the characters’ lives in any way, shape or form,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity expected to soar, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Ghetto Girls: the Beginning’ is available now: http://www.blurb.com/b/1428399-ghetto-girls-the-beginning

Follow the author on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ja.mocha1

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About the Author
Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Nordia Spalding (often referred to as Ja Mocha) has always been inspired to use her and others around her experiences to tell intriguing but realistic stories. In the third grade, Nordia and her classmates were told to write a story for homework. After reading the story the next day, her third grade teacher told her to “never stop writing”, and she listened. A fan of erotica and drama, Nordia’s tales are typically filled with material that is rare but satisfying to the open mind. She currently resides in South Florida and also enjoys modelling and acting. Nordia does not only have an eye for the arts but also one for her community and the people. She is a big supporter of helping others to achieve their goals which can be seen through her blog – nordilishus.blogspot.com, created to exploit local and underrated talent ranging from singers to painters to photographers. She can be contacted by email at daintyempress_18@yahoo.com or nordigspa@gmail.com. She is also on social networks such as - Facebook: Ja Mocha and Twitter: @nordilishus.