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Ghillie Suit Clothing Announces Best Seller List to Further Inform Consumers


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Military uniforms aren't always camouflage or silver buttons. The Ghillie suit is a piece of clothing designed to provide camouflage and obscure the silhouette of an individual in a rugged, wild forest terrain. The suits are used by soldiers and law enforcement to conceal themselves in a position where they can quickly surprise their target. Ghillie Suit Clothing is the leading online store in the

US selling Ghillie suits of all kinds to the armed forces, law enforcement, hunters and wargames enthusiasts. has recently added a Best Seller top five list to the site so users can quickly find out how other consumers are voting with their wallets. The feature is on the left side of the homepage and illustrates the number one buyers’ choice with a thumbnail image, as well as pricing information. For the remaining entries, details of the name and price of the item are provided, as well as news of any price reductions.

The site frequently reduces prices on items in order to clear stock ahead of new deliveries, so regular users are the most likely to pick up bargains. The items on sale are of top quality and used by the US Armed Forces, so quality is assured. All the items in catalog come replete with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing, in keeping with the sites customer care promise.

A spokesperson for Ghillie Suit Clothing explained, “We started the site because we were unsatisfied with the other online stores out there providing these items. The information was sparse, the payment methods difficult, the product was poor quality, and the customer service lax. We decided we could and must do better, so launched the site in 2007 with a commitment to exceptional service as our central tenet. The frequent site updates are part of our ongoing mission to best serve customers, who can now see what the most popular items on the site are with just a glance to the right.”

About Ghillie Suit Clothing
Ghillie Suit Clothing is committed to providing our armed forces, law enforcement, hunters and milsim (military simulation) game players with quality ghillie suits and exceptional service. Their goal was to create a store that presented its products with as much detailed and accurate information as possible, to better inform consumers to make the best choices.

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