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Ghillie Suit Warehouse Brings in New Warrior Brand Ghillies, as Seen on TV


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Ghillie Suits are an important asset in the camouflage arsenal for the police, armed forces, hunters, and for war games enthusiasts. The suits obscure the silhouette of the individual by masking them in synthetic foliage that blends into a wild environment seamlessly. The suits have earned something of a reputation in popular culture for being the ultimate disguise- as evidenced by Stephen Colbert’s appearance on the Colbert Report wearing a Warrior brand Ghillie suit, which are now available from Ghillie Suit Warehouse.

The Warrior brand Ghillie suits come in four variants, Woodland, Field Grass, Sagebrush, Arctic Snow and Night Ops. Each of these comes with specifically designed adornments to make it blend into specific types of terrain without attracting attention. The Warrior ghillie suit, created by Arcturus, is fire retardant, mildew and moisture resistant, and comes with jacket, pants, rifle wrap and boonie hat for complete concealment.

Ghillie Suit Warehouse is one of the premier outlets for Ghillie Suits across the US, serving the military and police service as well as hunters and gamesmen. The listing all come replete with a large catalogue of high quality imagery and list user reviews by rating so that individuals can get a clear indication of unfiltered consumer feedback, independent of celebrity endorsement on the television. The suit comes in two sizes, one for six foot and under, and one for six foot and over.

A spokesperson for explained, “It’s great to see products we stock getting this kind of exposure, and while the suits certainly can be used for hilarious TV stunts, their primary function is in providing effective camouflage for individuals who need to be concealed out in the natural world. Our Ghillie suits are of the highest quality and are used by the United States Armed Forces, there is perhaps no better endorsement than that. We’re regularly updating our stock as the Ghillie Suit continues to evolve and improve, so check back regularly for new items and special offers.”

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