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Ghost Hunters: New Children's Storybook Offers Practical Tips for Young Ghost-Busters Everywhere

Putting a ghoulish new spin on popular beliefs surrounding the existence of ghosts, Jason Mark’s latest children’s book boasts a compelling story; with plenty of tips for busting any ghosts that may be hiding in the reader’s house.


Northampton, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- What you get if you mix two brave children, a pet spider, the eccentric Uncle Goo and a Ghost? A ghoulishly good children’s storybook from writer Jason Mark!

Ghost Hunters: The Haunted House, is a fun and light-hearted children’s book that is poised to take this year’s Halloween spirit by storm. Fusing an engaging story with tips that children can use to rid their house of any hiding haunts, thousands of readers have immersed themselves into the book and into an adventure that they’ll never forget.

Following a mysterious visit by two men posing as Government Agents, Sam and Dylan are convinced a ghost is sharing their house. When their Mom also begins to share their fears, Uncle Goo (the family ghost expert) is called in to help.

Confirming their suspicions, Uncle Goo makes it clear that ghosts are not the spirits of the dead, but in fact entities that will eventually become bad people. However, after explaining that spiders spin their webs to protect people from ghosts, it becomes apparent that Sam’s pet arachnid is the family’s only hope of staying safe.

As the ghost wreaks havoc upon their home, two mysterious ghost hunters are enlisted to help out. Just as hope arrives, the ghost locks the adults in the attic – leaving Sam and Dylan to free their parents, help the ghost and ultimately save the day.

“I wrote the book to dispel the fear that a lot of children attach to ghosts,” says Mark, who owns a successful web design and development firm.

He continues, “It puts the power into readers’ hands, chock-full of tips and strategies that kids can use to rid their house of any ghosts who may be lurking where they least expect it.”

With over twenty thousand downloads since its publication, Ghost Hunters has proven to be immensely popular among children and their parents. In fact, the book has garnered consistent five-star reviews.

“Excellent book for young readers! A must have for a child learning to read! A very engaging, fun, and interesting story to read to your kids, or for them read on their own!” says Erik Stone, who reviewed the book on Amazon.com.

Another reader, Kay, was equally as impressed.

“It is a fun ghost-themed story with a little bit of danger, but not too much! As an adult, I found it was well written and enjoyed reading it. The pictures are great too! I highly recommend it.”

The book also sheds light on the adoption community and issues of mixed race families.

“One of the children is African American and adopted, with the other a Caucasian child that was born naturally into the family. It provides positive role models for children in mixed-race and other non-traditional families,” Mark adds.

In short, children and their parents are in for a dose of horror, a dose of triumph and a huge dose of fun.

Ghost Hunters: The Haunted House, published by Jason Mark, is available in electronic format from Amazon and iBookstore, as well in print from Lulu.

For more information, please visit: http://gravityswitch.com/books

About Jason Mark
Jason has written and collaborated on a handful of children's books (both for himself and clients). He has also created ePub books, some of which are currently available in Apple's iBookstore.

Always passionate about teaching, Jason was one of the first dozen professors of web design in the country and has taught at Marlboro College and the University of Massachusetts. He writes for the popular Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions blogs, and speaks across New England on web and mobile design and usability.

Twice a day you can see Jason on the bike path between his Northampton office and his Florence home—even in winter.