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Ghostbusters vs NYC Ghost Doctors in Finding Poltergeists

Back in 1984 the Ghostbusters battled and defeated a Sumerian God at 55 Central Park West NYC and now over 30 years later the new Ghostbusters are hitting the silver screen and New York's own Ghost Doctors are revisiting ghost central looking to stir up a little poltergeist paranormal action.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2016 -- The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides may not have proton packs strapped to their backs -- but they're more than equipped to handle a few ghosts hanging out at the old Ghostbusters Building.

"Since the original movie came out back in 1984 – the Ghostbusters Building has become somewhat of a urban legend in New York," says Dr. Pete. "Unfortunately, when you ask most people including native New Yorkers where it's located they always seem to to think that the San Remo building with its two sprawling towers is the actual building from the movie, which of course is in a totally different location."

The Ghost Doctors -- who are widely known in NYC to lead amateur ghost hunters on supernatural adventures throughout the city -- always do their homework before they start any paranormal investigation. This includes a thorough background search of past residents, architectural designs and any unusual stories associated with a particular location. Sort of like what the Ghostbusters did in their original movie when they researched a certain building on Central Park West.

"55 Central Park West is an Art Deco building that opened back in 1929," says Dr. Stew. "This 19 story historical landmark has been home to quite a few celebrities over the years. From Ginger Rogers way back in the 1930's to some pretty well-heeled present day VIPs."

With instruments in hand these two ghost hunters conducted a preliminary paranormal investigation of the Ghostbusters Building and came up with some interesting findings.

"When we went down to 55 Central Park West we did pick up some readings on our equipment right outside the structure which definitely calls for further investigations," says Dr. Stew.

Moreover the Ghost Doctors videotaped their visit to the Ghostbusters Building which can be viewed on their website And now with the new Ghostbusters taking over the mantle from the original team, the Ghost Doctors welcomes them to NYC as worthy colleagues. So who knows, the next time the Ghostbusters need a little helping hand, who are they gonna call? Ghost Doctors!

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