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GI Specialist Dr. Peyton Berookim Rated as the Top GI Doctor in Beverly Hills California

Dr. Peyton Berookim, is a Beverly Hills based GI doctor and expert physician in the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer. His office is located at 150 N. Robertson Blvd in Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and Dr. Berookim can be reached at 310-271-1122.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Gastroenterology is an increasingly important area of medicine, as colon cancer is among the most highly diagnosed cancers in those over the age of 50. Taking care of the health of the digestive system is crucial to preventing cancer and other ailments, which is why seeing a GI specialist such as Dr Berookim is advisable.

Dr Berookim serves patients from his Beverly Hills based clinic for the full range of GI ailments, using the latest equipment and a trusted staff to provide the highest level of care in the field. He has developed a reputation for having an excellent bedside manner, taking the time to fully explain the necessity of the various procedures offered to patients, and answering any questions they may have. Undergoing a colonoscopy procedure is often a necessity in order to establish the root causes behind a digestive tract problem. Dr berookim has extensive experience which helps him to put patients at ease while ensuring a high success rate through the use of specialist technologies such as the “Third Eye colonoscopy”.

About Colonoscopies
Colonoscopies are a routine part of colon cancer screening and prevention as they allow the doctor to investigate and remove and polyps that may have formed. This is why they are regarded as the “gold standard” of colon cancer screening. Seeing an expert in the GI field such as Dr Berookim helps to ensure that the screening is both thorough and effective, as he harnesses his experience and insight into providing a superior level of care. Health experts recommend that those over 50 should undergo a routine colonoscopy once a year as the chances of developing the polyps that can lead to colon cancer increase after this age, especially for men. In addition to cancer screening, the clinic frequently deals with helping patients with conditions such as IBS, lactose intolerance, constipation, crohn's colitis and hiatal hernia, to name but a few.

Further information about the colonoscopy procedure and the range of GI procedures offered can be found on the website of the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California or by contacting Dr. Berookim and his staff directly on 310-271-1122 who are always more than happy to answer questions and queries.