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Giant Panda Teaches Children to Pursue Dreams Despite Disabilities.

Author Nona Theresa Perez-Bayanin publishes a brand new series of colorful picture books that entertains and educates children with valuable life lessons.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- From author Nona Theresa Perez-Bayanin, a therapist who has worked with children with special needs and people with severe disabilities, The Birth of Nadia Mei is a delightful children's picture book about a very special, white giant Panda with a disability. This debut book is the first of a series that follow the adventures Nadia Mei, the courageous Panda who beats all odds and learns valuable lessons along the way.

For the first time, the Bamboo forest is almost abandoned; almost all of the bamboo trees are gone, and most of the greenery is drying up. It is during this unusual autumn in the forest of Southwest China that Nadia Mei comes into this world. Since birth, she is unable to use her right hind leg.

However, while growing up, she learns to be quite skillful in rolling, hiding, crawling, and climbing. When her mother is killed by poachers, Nadia Mei has to overcome her disability and survive in the wilderness on her own.

This work is simultaneously launched with two succeeding books in the series, Nadia Mei's First Winter in the Forest and Meeting her First Fiends, and Nadia Mei's First Spring: A Season of Growth. All these books are illustrated by the author's husband, Fernando. The author herself carefully painted and colored all these illustrations by her husband.

Last month, the fourth book was recently launched: Nadia Mei's First Deadly encounter with the Poachers. ( with the introduction of a new character: Selah, the Owl ).

Two more books will be release next year to conclude this Nadia Mei series.

Endearing, inspiring, and season- filled, The Birth of Nadia Mei, and the other books in the series, teach young readers the value of friendship, caring for others, humility and loyalty. They mold characters with patience, drive and determination. Above all, they educate children that disabilities are never obstacles to dreams.

About Nona Theresa Perez-Bayanin
Nona Theresa Perez-Bayanin was born in the Philippines and currently a licensed Occupational Therapist. During her high school and college years, she enjoyed writing and once considered a career in mass communication and journalism. In college, she became an active writer and layout artist fit the school paper "Caduceus." She graduated with awards in Outstanding Campus Journalism and Leadership. During her early years as a therapist, she once became a traveling therapist and had the opportunity to work with children with special needs and in a school for people with severe disabilities. When her first child was born, she got a license and a career in commercial real estate. When her second child arrive, she left the real estate industry to spend more time taking care of her two children. She now pursues her other passion: writing children's books.