Giant Newton's Cradle Offering Large, Unique Newton Cradles for Sale

Beautiful Newton Cradles Now Available Online from Giant Newton's Cradles


Pensacola, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Newton's Cradles have always been a favorite schoolroom demonstration and desktop office decoration. Now though, for the first time, high quality, large and beautiful Newton's Cradles are being sold online across the world from Giant Newton's Cradle.

At, visitors can expect precision engineered, carefully constructed Newton's Cradles for sale, in larger than life sizes. Their Newton's Cradles are patent-pending based upon their durability, utility and beauty. They are fully functional, beautiful to see on display, captivating to watch during demonstration, and will be sure to last for years and years to come.

There are currently two sizes of the Giant Newton's Cradle available for sale. The "Giant" size is 17 x 14 x 10 inches, with five 2.5 inch chrome steel balls, and a total weight of 10.96 lbs. It's available for $479.95. The "Giant Junior" size Newton's Cradle is 12 x 11 x 7.75 inches, with five 1.5 inch chrome steel balls, and a total weight of 4.7 lbs. It's currently being offered for sale for just $279.95.

These unique works of art are gorgeous for display purposes and are mesmerizing to watch as demonstrations. They would be perfect for schools, museums, offices and much more, including gifts for special occasions of all kinds.

The Newton's Cradles from are made from galvanized steel aircraft cable, chrome steel balls and laser cut aircraft aluminum frames. Each Newton's Cradle is hand assembled and tuned for optimal motion, ensuring a fully functional, larger than life, beautiful Newton's Cradle which is unmatched anywhere else.

Giant Newton's Cradle only utilizes the finest of materials, and all of their products and components are proudly made in the USA. This is opposed to the unfortunate standard of cheap and shoddy foreign products, which tend to tangle, break or otherwise fail to work properly.

Each Newton's Cradle is shipped fully assembled and ready for usage and display. They are also carefully shipped with custom designed packaging, ensuring safe transportation, and convenient ordering and delivery all across the country and around the world.

To place an order, visit For more information or with any questions, call 850.387.1922 to speak with a member of the team directly, or email

About Giant Newton's Cradle
Giant Newton's Cradle precision engineers large, beautiful Newton's Cradles, with a unique patent-pending design based upon beauty, durability and utility. Their Newton's Cradles are proudly made in the USA, feature the highest quality of materials and construction, and are true works of art. Perfect for schools, museums, offices, demonstrations and more, the Newton's Cradles from Giant's Newton's Cradle are unlike anything else which has ever been available. For more information, call 850.387.1922, or visit