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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- In the course of a year, SEPTA carries 321 million passengers over 1.45 billion miles every year and is now the 6th largest transit system in the United States. With all these people traveling over a billion miles collectively, some people are bound to get hurt as a result of SEPTA making a mistake or causing an accident. Gibbons Legal, Attorneys At Law, are now currently available for such said cases against SEPTA.

During the winter months, the use of SEPTA spikes, and as a result so does the accidents that occur on their transit systems. These cases can be difficult for accident lawyers in Chester County because of the Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act which has some very odd loop holes that favor SEPTA. For example, a person who gets injured while exiting/getting off one of SEPTA’s transit systems while it is stopped leaves SEPTA immune from liability.

Given the type of accident and the number of people that may have been injured, the victims may have multiple claims against SEPTA as well as any other parties like the maintenance company If the accident was a slip, fall, trip, or something of that nature as well as another motorist who was involved with their motor vehicle. If anyone has themselves been injured, or has a family member who has been injured as a result of SEPTA, then contact Gibbons Legal, Attorneys At Law today for a free case evaluation. People can also visit their website to see examples of Gibbons their many legal successes.

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