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Gibbons Legal, Attorneys at Law Is Now Representing Victims of Premises Liability Accidents in Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Gibbons Legal, Attorneys At Law, are accident lawyers in Bucks County who are dedicated to helping those who have been injured by the neglect or thoughtless thinking of others. With that being said, Gibbons Legal is now representing victims of premises liability accidents in Philadelphia, PA.

Premises liability cases take place when a person is involved in a severe accident that takes place as a result of unsafe conditions, a defect, or negligent upkeep of a property. Usually these types of premises liability accident in the U.S. are slip and fall accidents. There are a lot of places where premises liability accidents can take place, such as homes, shopping malls, apartment buildings, unattended buildings, pools, and even open plots of land. The landlords, homeowners, employers and companies are all responsible for the equipment they operate and the property that they either own or are working on. If the grounds are not managed and taken care of properly, the risk of a person getting injured goes up considerably. Finding a lawyer in Bucks County and Philadelphia who is capable of handling such cases can be difficult, but Gibbons Legal, Attorneys at Law know the intricacies of these cases.

If a person has been injured in an accident on another person’s property do to improper upkeep or negligence, then the person who has been hurt may be entitled to compensation for present, future, and past medical expenditures as well as pain and suffering along with lost wages. Gibbons Legal will do what is needed to get their clients immediate needs met while ensuring that future needs are collected as well. Contact them today for further information and a free case evaluation.

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