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Gibbons Legal Is Now Informing Clients About Important Differences in Dog Bite Laws


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Throughout history, dogs have rightfully gained the reputation as man’s best friend. Dogs have been bred over time to become a friendly companion to their human owners. Initially, dogs were used for certain types of work or sport. However, in the United States, most dogs are now domesticated animals that live inside the home and provide company. That being said, just as there are violent people in this world, there are violent dogs. Even some dogs that are not violent by nature may bite a person due to neglect of an owner. When someone is injured through a dog bite or attack, there are different laws that apply to that individual’s right to certain damages. Now, Gibbons Legal is informing clients about the differences in laws relevant to dog bites.

It is estimated that there are over 75 million dogs living in the United States. Every year there are serious and sometimes fatal injuries attributed to dog bites. Unfortunately, close to 5 million people become victims to dog attacks on an annual basis. Perhaps even more concerning, children are much more likely to suffer an injury from a dog bite. When someone does fall victim to a dog bite, there are two types of laws that apply to their case.

Common law and severe injury law can apply in certain dog bite cases. Common law will be applicable in cases where a dog has bitten someone before. Severe injury law applies in cases where a dog has not been the culprit of a prior bite or attack. Under this law, the injuries are classified as either severe or non-severe. In cases where an injury is deemed to be severe, victims can potentially claim uncapped damages. Every case is unique and it is always advised to consult an attorney to discuss the most appropriate legal action. Gibbons Legal, Norristown Dog Bite Lawyer, will be more than happy to field any questions regarding a dog bite case.

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