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Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. Presented with the ACIL Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Customer Service


New Jersey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to announce that they are once again a recipient of the ACIL Seal of Excellence series of awards. In order to receive these awards, The American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) provided many of Gibraltar’s clients with a tool that allowed that company to be evaluated. In the end, Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. was recognized because of their strong dedication to providing outstanding customer satisfaction.

People working with the ACIL are entrusted with providing accurate and unadulterated information, and participating businesses are expected to meet customer demands and set precedents for future laboratory facilities. Laboratories that are interested in applying for the Seal of Excellence also need to perform regular ethical training with their staff, and foster preventative measures for improper diagnostic practices within the laboratory. On top of that, they must provide their code of ethics in document form, and distribute customer satisfaction questionnaires to their customer base.

Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. has always made customer satisfaction their primary focus, and they also adhere to a strict standard of ethical practices. Additionally, Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. was presented this award because they earned well over a 3 for their overall customer satisfaction and expedience of service through the ACIL Seal of Excellence surveys. The results of the survey for each qualified firm are made public, so there is no discrepancy as to the authenticity of the results. Any private and sensitive information is regarded with the utmost austerity and is never disclosed to the public. Instead, the information is handled by the laboratory and program administrators that are authorized to view and manage the information.

Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. has provided convenient high-tech laboratory and sterilization services since the 1970s, making them the standard by which other contract laboratories base themselves. Those interested in their services can visit them on the web, or call them at 877.315.5847. Anyone with questions about the ACIL and how they perform their duties can call them at 202.887.5872.

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Gibraltar Laboratories, Inc. is a scientific solutions provider using creative and innovative thinking to always deliver excellent services on time. Their services include Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring, Microbiology, Sterilization Services, Virology and Validations/Calibrations.

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