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Gift Card Central Has Been Named the Best Gift Card Bargain Website Saving Shoppers the Most Time and Money at Retailers Nationwide in 2017

In step with information from packaged statistics, a consumer studies agency, american consumers spent $51 billion dollars on Gift Cards in the last 12 months. Gift Card Central, the internet's best gift card bargain website, reports that almost 95 percent of American consumers have either given or sent a gift card.


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2017 -- Packaged statistics spoke with Justin Baringer, the organization's C.E.O., about the prestigious award and how consumers are using their website to offset costs from major retailers. "Through partnerships with all major retailers Gift Card Central gives customers the best gift card offers at any time." Packaged statistics chairman Steven Miller stated "Gift Card Central's only partners with the nation's top rated retailers which along with savings was a big deciding factor for this award". " The most rewarding part of winning this award is to know that our Gift Card consumers know that when they shop on Gift Card Central they are getting the best gift card deals at the best retail stores." Research from packaged statistics shows 71.1% of Gift Card Central consumers buy gift cards for less than face value at Achieving these kind record breaking savings for consumers is why Gift Card Central was named the the best gift card website overall.

To qualify for the National Retail Spending Best Website Award from Packaged statistics companies must demonstrate an exceptional level of excellence in their business, especially in the areas of discounts, Consumer Protection, and product quality. Gift Card central received the award due to its excellent performance in 2017. To qualify to compete for the Best Gift Card Bargain Website Award, a status that less than 1% of Gift Card merchants nationwide are able to achieve, a candidate must meet specific criteria in at least one out of three different pathways: the Performance pathway, where companies focus on giving their consumers the best possible service, quality, and protection; the Reliability pathway, where the company has a long history of offering their customers the best quality and protection; and the Service pathway, where companies consistently offer their customers the best protection available in the marketplace.

With a plenitude of purchase options, online websites, retail establishments, restaurants are the top choices for the majority of holiday shoppers in 2017. As per the study, 37.8 percent of customers will treat their friends and family to dinner with gift cards, and 32.4 percent will get a gift card for a retail establishment. One of every five (20.1%) will pick a gift voucher for a restaurant, 18.2 percent will choose a gift card for clothing stores and 17.8 percent will pick some sort of entertainment gift card. The National Retail spending best gift card website award was designed to show online shoppers the best website for retail savings and shopping trends by the numbers. The award selection looked at online consumer savings as well as surveying 201,942 consumers in the past year.

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Gift Card Central has grown into a premier gift card website, with over 10 million gift cards sold and counting. The company's mission is to provide smiles for both gift card buyers and recipients by offering best discounts. Gift card Central offers Gift Cards for many top brands like Visa, Amazon, Best Buy, and more and can be delivered instantly via email.

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