Nilestone Now Offers Personalized Cartouche Pendants for Christmas Holidays with Punch of Gifts with Every Order

Egyptian cartouche pendants and necklaces are now available as Christmas gift ideas. Nilestone's unique idea for holidays gifts getting a good response.


Springfield Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Nilestone now offers personalized cartouche pendants as unique gift ideas for Christmas. They are also punching surprise gifts with every order. The artists are offering the service of translating the customer's names into beautiful hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt on pendants or bracelets featured with 18k gold or silver.

Nilestone offers unique collection of jewelry that is handcrafted by artisans of Egypt. Their customized jewelry collection consists of authentic and quality turquoise, unique beads and sterling silver that are handcrafted and handpicked into bracelets, necklaces, cartouche and rings. The company even provides authentic gold jewelry with proven stamp on them.

According to a spokesperson of the company, “We are the perfect company to fulfill your varied Christmas gift ideas. Our Egyptian artisans are ready to carve out the names of buyers in hieroglyphic symbols to make the jewelries more unique and attractive.”

Nilestone offers free service of personalized items of silver cartouche to customers placing orders on gold cartouche. All gift items like bracelets and pendants are customized with translated names in Egyptian hieroglyphics bearing names of customers and their loved ones.

The spokesperson added, “We deal with genuine products. Our authentic cartouche products are unique in nature bearing original resemblance to bullets or gun cartridges used by Napoleon’s soldiers. We are also offering a pendant of silver AnkhKey without any extra service charge to customers who are ordering silver cartouche.”

Apart from these, Nilestone is also offering a wide range of additional benefits like handmade Egyptian jewelry box, free shipping of all products over $85, various alluring reward points for customers who can be used to get discounts at a later period and also 30-day money-back policy.

Anne Clarkson, a regular buyer says, “I have been a loyal customer of Nilestone from sometime and amazed by the genuineness of their products. I have also consulted jewelry experts and crosschecked the authenticity of their products. Their personalized jewelry with Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols is perhaps the unique service that I have come across.”

Apart from personalized cartouche pendants and necklaces, Nilestone also has huge collection of rarest ancient jewelry products ideal for holiday gifting purpose like colored enamel with blue stone and gold scarab, ankh key pendants filled in blue enamel, etc.

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