Gifttide Offers an Easy Way to Raise Funds Online

Gifttide is a reputed fundraising platform that offers fast, easy and reliable way to raise funds online. The company provides novel online fundraising ideas to various organizations and individuals.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Gifttide, a US based online fundraising company excels in offering a variety of new ways to raise funds online. The company is dedicated to support individuals, social organizations, hospitals, sports teams, charity clubs, youth clubs, schools, missionary groups and churches. Gifttide consists of a team of professional and experienced employees who work meticulously to deliver excellent services to people who need funds for supporting their projects. They go with the simple tagline that says connecting friends, family and communities. The simplicity of the online fundraising platform intends to make a fund seeker’s work easy and efficient. If you want to raise funds to support your project, you can seek the services of Gifttide and access a safe, fast and simple platform to collect funds.

One of the senior executives working with Gifttide said, “Gifttide is one of the most famous crowd funding companies in the US. Our website offers fast and versatile online fundraising experience to various organizations, individuals and social clubs. To start raising funds for the project, users can join our website and upload their content with relevant details. The process of collecting funds is very simple, as it requires joining the website, creating project and sharing the project with other users. It is important to upload images or video of the project so that backers and donors may access your campaign and start donating. We go through every detail added by the fund seeker and approve the project to activate it as an official campaign. Through our website users can share any kind of project such as personal, academic, business, creative and social.”

Gifttide helps raise funds for several emergencies, occasions and charities. When you upload your project, it not only gains monetary benefits but also achieves global popularity. Crowd funding is a practical and efficient way to collect funds that allows an individual to accomplish his dream objectives.

The senior executive further added, “Those who are looking for funds to support their campaign can join our website. The Gifttide fee is 5 percent and the processing fee is 2.9 percent + $0.30 that make a total of 7.9 percent + $0.30. This fee is the sum total of the entire money collected through a certain project. If the project falls short of the intended goal, we do not charge any fee. It is important for fund seekers to enter the start and end date of the campaign so that the backers start funding the project immediately after they go through the details. The users can access information on the amount of funds raised by visiting the dashboard on the website.”

If you are looking for fundraising website to raise money online, you can visit the website of Gifttide.

About Gifttide
Gifttide is a renowned online fund raising platform that allows individuals, charity clubs, youth clubs, schools, missionary groups, organizations and hospitals to raise funds for their project. Based in the United States, the company excels in delivering user-friendly settings to fund seekers and fund backers. If you want to start raising funds for your campaign, you can visit Gifttide.

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