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U.S. based is a unique fundraising site created for versatile and fast online fundraising experience dedicated to social organizations, individuals, churches, medical forums, charity youth clubs, sports teams, schools and missionary groups.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- We are all aware of the pleasure of giving, which is far more than taking. A broader perspective of giving – charity is the backbone of every crowd funding platform. is witnessing surging levels of popularity as one of the user friendly fundraising sites. It is a true testament to the immense power of charity and the site’s efforts.

One of the senior executives working with told us about the interesting concept, “Crowd-funding is no longer an alien concept but an excellent means of raising capital to realize your dreams without sacrificing control of your business or idea. Crowd-funding has the added bonus of creating a buzz around your hints allowing fans and supporters to contribute to your brilliant idea. You connect with many and in the process increase your customer base.” helps raise funds for many occasions and emergencies. It could be celebrations related to you or your loved one in a grand way but paucity of funds could be a deterring factor. Fundraising is primarily done for charity purposes. If you feel for a cause, put it up and your cause can benefit both financially and by gaining wider exposure. You can also raise funds for your community, your child’s education needs, funerals or memorials, holidays, sudden medical complication or accidents, missionary work, special projects, sports or weddings. Just about anything for which you feel you need funds and the good Samaritans out there will help you out.

The executive further added, “No matter what the occasion can help you raise funds in three easy steps. Join us by signing in through a simple procedure; create your project for which you intend to collect funds. Here you can add details, how you intend to go about it, post pictures if any and what those funding individuals can expect in return. Lastly share the photographs, small tokens of gratitude or some literature with those who helped you out by posting them on the site. It’s easy and fun to start raising funds through” began operations like most crowd-funding websites but along the way redefined its purpose to enable people to change and impact each other’s lives through prayer and participation. Charity has been scientifically proved to help evade depression and impart the feeling of eternal happiness. To know how to go about online raising of funds, explore. has a team of professionals working diligently with the hope of creating awareness in every individual of their ability to touch someone’s life in a practical way, irrespective of the person’s location and individual life experience.

U.S. based sets itself apart from the ilk in its belief system regarding accountability to the members and to greater communities. It supports the cause of giving back to local communities, ministries, non-profits and individual projects every month. By doing this is able to fulfill the two-fold purpose of giving its members a safe and secure platform to raise funds and ultimately giving back to the community through the fruitful partnerships with participants. To get excellent fundraising ideas for churches, visit the site. charges nothing to join and is smartly designed to share, support, and discover a variety of funding goals.

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