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Gilkey Window Company Releases Four Secrets for Window Replacement Chicago Residents Can Trust


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Since 1978, Gilkey Window Company has been providing the outstanding window replacement Chicago residents have come to rely on to beautify and protect their homes. Gilkey Window Company was the first manufacturer in Cincinnati to have their windows tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and the first company to qualify for the Energy Star from the United States Department of Energy. “I wanted to let you know that we participated in a Duke Energy home efficiency audit this weekend,” a testimonial on the Gilkey Window Company website noted. “A representative from Duke did a thorough walk-thru of the entire home pointing out areas of needed improvement and areas that were good. He was very impressed at the thorough caulking Gilkey Window did to the exterior window frame. He also complimented the overall window noticing the good craftsmanship/installation.”

Gilkey Window Company recently announced the release of a document detailing the four most important factors to consider when buying a window, which are energy efficiency, installation method, warranty and aesthetics. The term “energy efficiency” may apply differently to various products, and it is important for consumers to recognize that many options are available. Finding the best window for a home will likely depend on factors such as the amount of sunlight or shade certain areas receive; the amount of noise the house is exposed to; and the amount of physical stresses present in the environment, such as the possibility of high winds, severe storms or forced entry.

Depending on the motives and budget of the consumer, several options for installation are available. A basic installation involves the removal of the window sashes, with the new window being installed inside the old window frame; a new construction installation involves replacing the entire window frame and all inside trim; and a hybrid installation allows the homeowner to keep all inside trim while replacing rotten or unsightly boards on the exterior of the home.

Gilkey Window Company provides lifetime warranties on all their windows, which unlike some of their competitors, cover the price installation and all associated materials and labor costs.

Gilkey Window Company designs their windows to not only perform a necessary function inside someone’s home, but also to look great. By using different materials for different parts of the window, such as a vinyl window with a fiberglass sill and a preformed brick mold on the outside, Gilkey Window Company is able to meld form and function.

The best Cincinnati window replacement and windows replacement Chicago has to offer is available only at Gilkey Window Company.

About Gilkey Window Company
For thirty three years, Gilkey has been one of the most trusted window replacement companies in the country. Gilkey specializes in the custom manufacture and installation of the highest quality windows and doors available with excellent long-term value. Unlike many other home improvement companies, Gilkey focuses on windows, providing a higher level of product knowledge and a commitment to excellent service. Gilkey has stores in Cincinnati, Chicago, Dayton, Lexington and Louisville. For more information, please visit www.gilkey.com.