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Ginger Extract Market Strongly Driven by Rising Global Demand

Ginger Extract Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2027


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2017 -- Ginger Extract Market: Introduction:

Ginger is an edible medicinal root and is used as nutraceutical and spice. Ginger has been typically used as an ingredient in candies, dried form, paste, and others. It has been using to cure mild digestion problems and nausea. The phenols present in the ginger extract are an excellent natural source of preservatives. The ginger extract has shown therapeutic effects against inflammation. New studies have open up opportunities to increase the use of the ginger extract for the treatment of the side effects caused by chemotherapy. It has shown an increase in immunity against gastric ulcer and hepatoprotection. Studies have also shown there are possibilities to cure cardiac problems by ginger extract oil. This creates a huge opportunity for the ginger extract market because of its multi-usability. The largest exporters of the ginger extract are China followed by India in the Asia Pacific region.

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Ginger Extract Market Segments:

The ginger extract market can be segmented into its types, applications, and distribution channel. Under the type of products, the ginger extract market is divided into organic, natural and others. The organic ginger extracts are produced under strict conditions both pre-harvest and post-harvest. The natural ginger harvest extract is produced by conserving the natural flavor and aroma of the extract in post–harvest stage. The other segment includes the ginger extracts which is mixed with different enhancing and preserving agents.

Based on the application of the ginger extract market can be segmented as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. Ginger extract is widely used as spice and flavoring agent in food and beverage market. Also ginger extract is also used as natural preservatives in the food industry. Ginger extracts can be used as a therapeutic ointment or as the drug in the pharmaceutical market. Ginger extract can be added to the cosmetic for improvement of skin condition and hence has a significant role in cosmetics market.

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The ginger extract market distribution channel can be of two types. The extracts produce by the manufacturer is directly sold to another manufacturer who can use it as an additive or preservative in the first case of ginger extract market. And in the other case of the distribution channel, the manufacturer produces packed ginger extract, which gets consumed by the customers as a spice or flavoring agent.

Ginger Extract Market: Region-wise Outlook:

On basis of regions, ginger extract market is segmented by North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe, excluding Japan, Japan & Middle East & Africa. Asia pacific stands as the major producers of the ginger extract. In Asia-pacific China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia holds the top list. In the Middle East and Africa, Nigeria is the largest exporter of ginger extract. In Western Europe countries such as U.K, Netherland, France and Spain are leading exporters of ginger extract.

Ginger Extract Market Drivers and Restrains:

Due to change in the market trend, people are more focused on natural products which will play an important role in the present ginger extract market as it can suffice the need. The need of fast mode of cooking has also created a market for the ready to use ginger paste. The segment is new in a lot of the countries and has a potential market to grow. Improved farming techniques in the producing regions have created a good surplus yield and hence there is an availability of cheap raw source for the ginger extract market.

The low shelf life of the products containing ginger extract can be a restrain for the producers for the market. Also, the quality of the final product is determined by pre-harvest and post-harvest factors like harvest time of the rhizomes or the moisture content of the extract.

Ginger Extract Market: Key Players

The local manufacturer can be a key player in the upcoming ginger extract market. Some of the prominent manufacturers of the ginger extract are Nutragreen limited, Arjuna natural extract LTD., Apex biotech limited, Ginger Dragon Ltd and others. The key players can increase their distribution by producing a better portfolio of the product.