Joe Bragg Lists the Top 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Ginseng


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Ginseng is a popular plant root that has been used for centuries by civilizations like the ancient Chinese and Native Americans. Ginseng can be found growing naturally in Asia and North America, and today, ginseng is prized for its wondrous health benefits.

At, visitors will learn about the most popular health benefits of ginseng. is an informational website dedicated to explaining why and how ginseng benefits the human body. At the website’s homepage, visitors will discover the top seven most important health benefits of ginseng as well as its side effects and its different species.

The top seven most important side effects of ginseng, as chosen by, are as follows:

1) Fights off the flu
2) Encourages mental and physical well-being
3) Treats erectile dysfunction
4) Relieves menstrual problems and menopause symptoms
5) Manages symptoms of type II diabetes
6) Relieves stress
7) Suppresses appetite

As a spokesperson for explains, ginseng has the power to benefit a wide range of people:

“Unlike many other health products in the world, ginseng features a diverse range of benefits. Among the list of the top seven ginseng benefits, it’s easy to find at least one that is very important to someone. Many people who take ginseng are having trouble managing their weight, for example, which is where the appetite suppression effects can become extremely useful. Others are experiencing difficulty with menopause symptoms, and some may simply be stressed out from work or school.”

After reading about the benefits of ginseng, it’s also important to learn about its side effects. Ginseng is generally safe to take and rarely causes serious side effects. When ginseng side effects do occur, it’s often caused by the root interacting with synthetic chemical medications in the body – like warfarin.

Along with explaining the benefits and side effects of ginseng, also explains how to consume ginseng. Ginseng can be consumed in tea, or in synthetic capsules. Some people also incorporate ginseng into their dishes, and Asian stir fry dishes are particularly well-complemented by ginseng:

“When eating at an Asian-style restaurant, diners may see ginseng dishes on the menu. Ginseng dishes may involve baking the root, deep-frying it, or even microwaving it. Korean ginseng dishes are particularly popular, since ginseng grows naturally in Korea. In fact, there’s no rules saying exactly how ginseng can be consumed, and we’re discovering new and exciting ways to consume ginseng every day.”

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