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GiocondArt Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Startup Funds


Athens, Greece -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- Christos Modestou, a 26-year-old Greek musician, has a dream of creating a place where artists can exhibit their work and those in stage and musical arts can perform.  However, due to the crisis in the Greek economy, Christos has not been able to secure funding to make this dream a reality.  Now, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise startup funds.

According to Christos, "What I'm trying to do is to build a place where we can create music, drama and poetry nights. This center will also host exhibitions of paintings and handmade jewelry.  I have decided to gather some money in order to set up this center."

Funds raised will be used to secure event space, fund artists and performers from around the world and pay expenses for various exhibitions.  The initial startup goal is $10,000, which will allow GiocondArt to begin showcasing Greek art and performances for everyone to enjoy.  The center will offer space for visual arts such as paintings, sculpture and photography, while there will also be a stage and theater space for performances, including musical acts, plays and other performing arts presentations.

As seen at, the IndieGoGo campaign will offer pledge levels from $5 to $500 and perks including art, exclusive parties, posters and art t-shirts.  The t-shirts were created by artist Andreas Moyseos from the world-famous Mona Lisa and feature her face reimagined in a colorful screen print.  There are also options to simply contribute to the campaign to support the arts in Greece and throughout the world.  For more information on the specific prizes associated with each pledge level, see the IndieGoGo page.

About GiocondArt
GiocondArt is a center dedicated to providing a platform for the performing and visual arts in Greece. The creator has now launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to start this project.

Contact Person: Christos Modestou
Company: GiocondArt
Address: Athens, Attica, Greece
Phone: 00306989800351