Giorgio Bianco to Join the Tunis Office of Giambrone Law Firm

Giambrone Law expand their Tunis office to ensure they can serve business in the North African area.


Palermo, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Giorgio Bianco has joined Giambrone Law firm at their new office location in Tunisia, in which the firm provides the seven hundred Italian companies there with legal support and advice. Bianco’s role presence at the office will be constant, so as to improve upon the dialogue and professional relationships with companies in the area, as Tunisia is one of the most important countries for Italian trade and commercial business. The decision to place Bianco in this location was due to the rising number of enquiries from Italian companies who expressed an interest in bringing their businesses to North Africa.

Giambrone Law ILP’s new plan stipulates that the new Tunis office will be run with the legal direction of one of their most esteemed lawyers, Alessandra Bellanca, and is to be managed by Dott. Alfredo Lo Cicero. With these two professionals and Bianco, the firm expects that it will be better able to serve the businesses in the North Africa area, and offer them in-depth advice and support regarding any legal matters they may have.

Giorgio Bianco himself commented on the move, stating that he would be joining the Tunis office at a very exciting time in the firm’s history, with the aim of providing legal support to a wider range of clients in Tunisia, particularly the international and Italian communities, and the Tunisian locals who are involved in Italian legal and commercial matters. He added that he was extremely honoured to have been chosen for this new and challenging role.

Senior partner at Giambrone Law, Gabriele Giambrone said that the new addition to their office in Tunisia was necessary due to the increasing demand locally for more information and support on Italian legal matters. As a law firm in the 21st century, Giambrone explained, they had to embrace this new opportunity, so as to ensure that they could offer their legal expertise to a much wider audience in North Africa. The new office for Giambrone Law will be located opposite the Tunis Italian Embassy, at 4 Rude de Russie.

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