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"Give Me Shelter" Tops List of Most Powerful Indie Films on Streaming TV

Humanitarian and Animal Protection film Producers are finding a new audience in today’s world of “streaming” media and movies-on-demand. Here is a Top 3 List of the best films your Internet HDTV can deliver via Netflix. iTunes Movies and Amazon VOD.


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- It doesn't take much for Actress/Producer Katie Cleary to be noticed. She was named one of People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" and became a finalist in the premiere season of "America's Next Top Model." When she steps onto a red carpet, it makes NEWS in the entertainment industry. But, getting the word out about her animal protection work is usually…a whole other animal. That is, until websites like and iTunes Movies became popular.

"We are so happy that our independent film has Netflix and Amazon, and other streaming options on television to help us share our message and tell our stories," said Cleary at the "Give Me Shelter" Netflix Premiere Party in Los Angeles. Her film, which focuses on raising awareness about animal welfare around the world, was a labor of love for the actor/activist. It took 3 years to produce the film, which explores animal protection issues across the globe, from the Pacific Ocean to the jungles of Indonesia.

In the past, an indie film like this could only be seen at special theaters or in larger cities. Today, the best documentary films are showing up in our living rooms across America.

Here is a list of 3 life-changing movies you should see in 2015 on Netflix:

Give Me Shelter: National Geographic called this film a "Must See" and the powerful documentary has already won several international awards. The film stars Hollywood favorites Tippi Hedren, Oscar Winner Ric O'Barry (The Cove), Katie Cleary and Esai Morales among many other animal advocates. Directed by Kristin Rizzo.

CitizenFour: This Academy Award Winning Film follows a documentarian and a reporter who travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden.

The Salt of the Earth: This documentary/photographic series spotlights some of the most beautiful photos of the earth. Directed by Julian Ribeiro Salgado.

Social Media has also played a large role in promoting the popularity of documentary films. "Give Me Shelter," for example, has a built in fan base due to the many popular animal activists featured in the movie, and many animal rights groups have followed the film closely as it continues to grow almost exponentially. These fans, activists and campaigners provide a built-in audience and solid marketing base for distributors like Netflix.

The goal of every film is to reach audiences and share a message or an important life story. Now, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD and iTunes Movies are making it possible for this year's most impactful documentaries to effect change in the world. "We want to give a voice to the voiceless," says Katie Cleary. It appears that is just what independent films like "Give Me Shelter" have done.

About "Give Me Shelter"
"Give Me Shelter" is a film that strives to raise awareness about some of the most important animal welfare issues affecting the world today. The film stars Oscar Winner Ric O'Barry best know for his work on "The Cove", Actress Tippi Hedren, Alison Eastwood, Esai Morales, Michael Vartan, Robert Davi and is directed by Kristin Rizzo. "Give Me Shelter can be viewed on Amazon VOD, Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow and iTunes Movies.

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