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Givenetwork Funds Charities Through Public Smartphone Portals


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Robert Jones, CEO of was so impressed with the philanthropy work of Global Impact, an international charity, that he has developed an innovative method for the organization to collect donations from consumers in publicly accessible venues. Through Jones’s GiveNetwork Initiative, consumers are able to make contributions through special portals that can be accessed by SmartPhones.

“Recent mobile technology makes it possible for us to collaborate and do something very powerful,” said Jones. “Businesses and individuals can help facilitate donations for continuous humanitarian relief efforts locally and throughout the world.

“Through the GiveNetwork, tens of thousands of donation portals will be displayed in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, banks, movie theaters, gas stations, schools, municipal public buildings, office buildings, corporate offices or any other publically accessible facilities. Convenient donation access is exposed to millions of Smartphone-equipped consumers every day.”

Global Impact [] raises funds to meet critical humanitarian needs around the world. Donors can feel confident that the security of donations issued through the GiveNetwork platform are handled with the greatest degree of care and integrity. Since 1956, Global Impact has generated more than $1.6 billion.

Through its member charities Global Impact has been saving lives, protecting children, providing disaster aid, creating jobs and strengthening communities through programs that reach more than 400 million people each year.

Jones is offering individuals an opportunity to sponsor donation portals at a location of their choice (GiveNetwork will select a location if the sponsor so desires). Sponsorships are $55 per year and people can sign up at the GiveNetwork Indiegogo page,

“Your individual or family name will appear on the portal and you will also receive a quarterly update from us on the amount of donations completed through your sponsored portal,” Jones said. “Think about how satisfying it will be knowing that you have funded the placement of a donation portal that generates hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in ongoing disaster and humanitarian aid.” This is a sample of what a sponsored donation portal looks like. Sponsored Donation Portal

Sponsors will also receive business cards with the Smart QR code. The cards can be handed out to friends, family and business associates.

“You can become a key part of this ambitious global initiative,” Jones said. “Equipping citizens with a routine way to give, while on the go, from anywhere on earth, is the essence of the GiveNetwork. Together we can collaborate to serve humanitarian relief throughout the world, wherever and whenever the needs arise.”

For further information visit ; the GiveNetwork website, ; or the Global Impact site,

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