Paul Easton

Giving Away 50 Million Dollars to Make a Difference and Save the World

Paul Easton with Lemon Angels would like to spread the word and help make a difference to save the world.


Auckland, NZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Lemon Angels is a company that is aimed at making a difference and saving the world. They take those who have been handed a “lemon” in their life and connect them with others who would like to help.

Paul Easton, located in New Zealand, is the founder of Lemon Angels. He would like to reach out and change the world by giving away 50 million dollars to make a difference in families throughout the world. He will be using the Internet to do these deeds.

Lemon Angels is not only about making a difference in people’s lives, it’s also about seeing the results of what has been given. Through Lemon Angels, individuals from all walks of life will have the opportunity to help families around the world. Imagine helping a family who has a child with cancer and witnessing the role played in helping that family. Imagine a family who does not have Christmas presents and giving them an opportunity to go Christmas shopping. The generosity will be rewarded with video proof showing what the donation helped make happen.

Lemon Angels simply needs help spreading the word and helping as many people as possible. They need to be made popular so that corporates will learn about the generous plan and help increase their public exposure. This exposure needs to be built both online and offline.

Individuals can start helping right now by simply by paying it forward and sharing their page via Facebook. For a charities list, by visiting this page, individuals can find a charitable organization that they can donate to.

To start a campaign for charitable givings, simply click “start a campaign,” “Activate your community” and “fund your dream.” Starting a campaign through Lemon Angels is simple and easy to do.

About Lemon Angels
Lemon Angels is focused on helping others get the help they need. They allow individuals to create their own campaign to fund their dream. The generosity will be rewarded with video proof showing what the donation helped make happen.

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Company Phone : 021 134 6059