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Gladstone Family Dental Group Explains Gum Disease Risk Factors


Gladstone, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Some risk factors for periodontal disease (gum disease) can't be changed such as age and genetics. There are other risk factors that can be slowed by changing lifestyle habits. Dr. Dale or Dr. Platt can help their patients to recognize and correct these habits to lessen the damage from gum disease.

Included in these risk factors are smoking and tobacco use. When thinking of tobacco use we commonly think of lung cancer, heart disease and other health problems occurring. "However, according to studies that have been done, tobacco use may be one of the most compelling risk factors for developing gum disease," comments Dr. Platt.

Another common contributor to gum disease is stress and it is linked to many health problems such as high blood pressure and cancer, but it is also a major risk for gum disease. Being stressed can make it much more challenging to fight off bacteria.

"Certain medications can affect oral health such as anti-depressants, birth control pills and some heart medicines. Notifying me about the medications you take is important," states Dr. Dale.

People who are bruxers (teeth grinders) put excess force on the tissues that support the teeth and that speeds up the rate that these tissues are ravaged.

Some diseases that hamper the body's immune system such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and certain cardiovascular diseases may also increase the chance for gum disease.

Dr. Platt states, "Another, too often seen risk factor is poor nutrition and obesity which weakens your body's immune system. Gum disease begins as an infection and poor nutrition can worsen the condition."

There seems to be several common risk factors for both gum disease and osteoporosis. They both show a predisposition for patients who have a family history of either or both diseases.

"The main cause of gum disease is plaque that builds up on teeth and pushes the gum away from the tooth and then bacteria gets into these pockets, but other factors affect the health of a person's gums as well," remarks Dr. Dale.

Technology in the field of dentistry is constantly advancing and in order to continue to bring their patients the latest in treatments, Dr. Dale and Dr. Platt take advanced dental courses on a regular basis.

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