Glamorize Any Wall or Paintable Surface with Shimmery Glitter Paint


Staffordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Staffordshire Silicones offers a wide variety of glitter paints to add an oomph factor to walls, ceilings or any other paintable surfaces. The glitter paint is a mixture of paint enamel combined with sparkling specks of shimmer that come in various colors. The glitter itself is now produced in bulk quantities using plastics, but in the ancient times it was created from flaked mica crystals which reflected light and shimmered. In many rich religious cultures all over the world, including India, China, Romania and Greece, lead was grounded and used in the powdered form for its glitter effect which also caused death by lead poisoning.

Nowadays, plastics and bits of aluminum foil are used to create glitter which is somewhat similar to confetti. This kind of produced glitter does not hamper or prove fatal to human health. Glitter is extensively used by the cosmetic industry for nail color, eye shades, lipsticks and even bronzing blushers. Children find glitter one of the most easy and fun to use in arts and craft projects. Commercial use for glitter in paints is used in restaurants, pubs, bars and discos.

Home décor is a time consuming yet inevitable task that never seems to end. Decorating a home or apartment is like customizing a building with a piece of one’s own personality. This is evident from most western cultures where colors are associated with genders. For instance, if a newborn’s room has to be set up, the obvious choice of color would be pink. Same is the case of blue for boys. Color association, personal likes and dislikes are a key factor to making a house more likable.

The use of glitter paint from Staffordshire Silicones is a great way to light up a dull, boring space. Care should be taken to apply a bit of the paint to a small surface to see the effect. If the customer is happy with the result, they can apply it to the whole wall or entire room. The use of glitter paints creates a starry effect for a night sky look for the ideal ceiling. Stickers shaped like planets can be added to create the solar system for the children. Another idea is to paint only a single wall and stick it with photo frames and mirrors to spread the reflecting glitter all over the room for a sparkly effect.

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