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Glasgow Based Spa in the City Adds Diamond Microdermabrasion to Their List of Beauty Services


Glasgow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2012 -- A person’s skin is typically one of the first things other people notice about them. Because of this, the better someone feels about their skin’s appearance, the more likely they are to have a higher overall level of self-confidence.

But as men and women age, their skin begins to show the effects of the many things it has been exposed to over the years, such as the sun, temperature changes, acne and more. And while some people turn to topical creams and cosmetics in an attempt to hide these blemishes, others are discovering the revitalizing benefits of microdermabrasion, a revolutionary system of removing dead layers of skin to reveal the healthy, youthful skin beneath.

Finding a qualified, skilled cosmetologist to administer a microdermabrasion procedure is imperative to achieve the desired results.

Based in Glasgow City Centre, beauty salon and day spa, Spa in the City recently announced the addition of a new microdermabrasion machine to their array of services to help customers throughout the UK turn back the clock on their skin’s appearance. The spa Glasgow features a team of beauty experts who are trained in all aspects of health and beauty treatments, including massage, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures and pedicures, cellulite and inch loss therapy, St. Tropez spray tanning, eyelash extensions and other eye treatments, Botox and much more. To add to their superior services, Spa in the City uses award-winning product houses, including ESPA, Murad and Jessica Natural Nail Care amongst others.

Unlike many other beauty salons that use traditional crystal microdermabrasion machines, the new machine purchased by Spa in the City utilizes diamond microdermabrasion technology. Crystal microdermabrasion machines propel a high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals directly onto the surface of the skin to wipe away dead cells, whereas diamond microdermabrasion employs the use of a diamond tip wand to scrape away dead cells. Although both crystal and diamond microdermabrasion machines offer many of the same results, diamond technology allows technicians to target smaller areas such as the eyes and mouth more accurately.

According to Spa in the City, “Microdermabrasion treatment takes between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the area being treated and is pain-free and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive. It is particularly good for sun damaged, aging, acne scaring or stretch marked skin.”

In addition to their new microdermabrasion services, for anyone searching for “beauty salons Glasgow,” Spa in the City offers a wide selection of other treatments at affordable prices to relax the body and mind, including indulgent spa days and detox programs.

For more information, visit http://www.spainthecity.co.uk

About Spa in the City
Spa in the City is situated in the heart of Glasgow City Centre and offers a full range of luxury beauty and spa treatments. Featuring highly qualified therapists and superior customer service, the company’s goal is to relax and de-stress clients and help them see results after just one treatment.

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