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Glass Pool Fencing Now Accepted Worldwide as Effective Preventative Measure Against Accidents and Mishaps


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2011 -- As anyone who owns a pool knows quite well, the sparkling blue water of a swimming pool is irresistible to most young children.

Small children are also notorious for moving quickly, and can head towards an unfenced pool in a matter of seconds. If a child slips out of a home unnoticed and happens to fall into a swimming pool, the results can be tragic.

An Australian-based company has received a lot of attention lately for its glass pool fencing that is both high quality and extremely attractive—not only in appearance but also for its ability to help keep the pool area as safe as possible.

OZ Glass Pool Fencing features both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing that uses the highest grade materials available.

As company spokesperson Scott Nesire noted, glass pool fencing is being recognized by governments worldwide as an effective preventative measure against water-related accidents and mishaps.

“As governments move more towards enforcing mandatory fencing around all pools, glass pool fencing is becoming more and more popular in the marketplace,” he explained, adding that a glass pool fence offers homeowners something that is truly invaluable—peace of mind.

In addition, glass pool fencing can enhance the appearance of a pool area. While traditional iron fencing can be unattractive with rusted out sections and blocked views of the water, a glass fence looks elegant and modern-looking.

As a bonus, glass pool fencing can increase the value of a home.

“There might come a time, if not yet at present, when you would want to sell your house,” the website explained. “Investing in glass pool fencing will work to your advantage because it can boost the real estate value of your property without you necessarily emptying your pockets.”

OZ Glass Pool Fencing’s website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. In addition to offering in-depth information about glass pool fencing, the site also offers a free, no hassle quote to potential new clients. Interested customers need only fill out basic contact information and a friendly customer service representative will offer a no-obligation quote.

A gallery of photos shows visitors to the site just how gorgeous glass pool fencing can be, and features examples of both the seamless and seamed versions.

About OZ Glass Pool Fencing:
OZ Glass Pool Fencing services Melbourne and Greater Victoria. Its specialists strive to give each customer the best experience at the most reasonable cost on the market. Its glass pool fences are internationally recognized as a high quality and durable option to traditional barriers. For more information on OZ Glass Pool Fencing, please visit http://ozglasspoolfencing.com.au